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Coach Sarah's Favorite Things

Here are a few of Coach Sarah’s favorite things! Some of them were only discovered in 2019, others have been in her life for years or even decades. These are the material things that truly make Coach Sarah the happiest version of Coach Sarah. One of the greatest generators of happiness, contentment, and security, for Coach Sarah, is habit. Specifically, the little habits that are easy to keep because of the equipment that makes them durable and versatile. Mainly, the two habits that never stop providing immediate joy and satisfaction are coffee and running, and both of those things are greatly enhanced by having the right tools. Some of them need to be purchased routinely, but many of them, as you’ll see, are with you for a lifetime once you take the plunge.

Please note that none of these are affiliate links and we do not receive any money for endorsements. We aren’t that cool yet! This is just shit I like. ENJOY!

Every 2 weeks-6 months

Major Dickason’s Blend coffee beans from Peet’s Coffee and Tea: yes, this is my coffee of choice, and maybe it’s purely because it’s the coffee my dad has always bought and the coffee he taught me to prepare absolutely perfectly. I love trying new coffees, but whenever I am buying my own beans, this is the blend I come back to. And they have it in decaf, too, so I can do my half-and-half thing which is (I’ve been told) a very uncouth thing to do. But as I’ve said before, I just want more coffee, so I don’t care.

Captain Awkward’s Patreon: Jennifer Peepas aka Captain Awkward is one of the single best columnists out there in the world talking about boundaries and emotions and leaving academia and teaching yourself what mental health looks like. I will be giving her my money as long as she will take it in some form, and for the several bucks I give her a month, I get access to a few lovely extra features. When a new e-mail comes in from CA, whether from the regular site or from her Patreon, I drop everything to read it immediately. I should really give her even more money.

DevaCurl...everything (no-poo cleanser, de-lite conditioner, no-frizz mousse): If you’ve ever met me or seen a picture of me, you may have noted my hair. It is...a lot, in all ways. There’s a lot of it, and it’s a lot curly. Three years ago I went FULL curl concept and ditched shampoo in favor of cleanser, and I have not blow-dried my hair straight or gotten a haircut anywhere other than my curl salon since that day. My hair used to really bum me out because NOTHING made it look good, but using curl products and getting curl cuts really changed everything. I like to refer to my stylist as my “hair MK” - a person who looked at me and said, you know what, your hair is GREAT, and making it look great doesn’t have to be this hard. She was not wrong.

The Ordinary Squalane Cleanser and Moisturizing Factors: I am still coming around on skin care - it’s far from my favorite part daily routine at this point. Still, both this cleanser and this moisturizer feel good on my skin and don’t dry me out or make me feel greasy. They’re affordable, they travel well, and while I sometimes have to strong-arm myself into washing my face, I always always feel better after I do.

Every 1-3 years

Injinji socks: My wide feet with big bunions LOVE socks that let my toes splay, and these are the only ones, right here. The ultra light ones are great for summer, and their thicker cousins keep me warm in winter. They go on sale every holiday season and they are worth every penny.

Oiselle Lux gloves: These are soft and velvety and just the right weight for my hands on any run with temperatures between 40 and 25 degrees. When it gets colder, they’re the perfect base layer under my mittens. They haven’t lost a single bit of their softness in the two years I’ve been wearing them, and I have two pairs just in case.

Brooks Juno bra: The bra that made running possible even when I had giant nursing boobs. I am a D cup runner even when not nursing, so the right bra eluded me for many years.

Soma hipster undies: these are the underwear that inspired Pass The Granny Panties. In fact, I just ordered 6 more pairs. MORE COMFY UNDERWEAR IN 2020!!!!!!!

One-time purchase, forever use:

Single-cup cone filter for pourover coffee: I use this every single day to make my coffee. I have bought two additional ones so that I can make several cups at once, but as far as I can tell they will still be on this earth when I am long gone. They are indestructible and there is no better method of making a single cup of coffee that I have ever found. And since my husband is frequently on-again-off-again with caffeine, I like being able to make MY coffee just for me and not having to worry about how big a pot to make. Which is not to say that I always drink coffee in small quantities. Speaking of which…

My large mug from Oak Bluffs pottery: I have owned many mugs in my adult life, but my mug from Oak Bluffs is my number-one mug, and I I drink out of it 90% of the time. The artists who make these mugs are the parents of one of my best friends from college, and I have never met another mug that felt better in my hand. It is the perfect size and the perfect weight. The handle is the perfect thickness. It’s comfortable to hold no matter how hot the coffee inside happens to be. I really cannot say enough good things about it. I’m away from home right now and I miss my mug.

Capresso burr grinder: ok, after this one I’m done with coffee accoutrements for a minute. At one time, I would have been scandalized by the idea of spending $70-100 on a coffee grinder - after all, I had inherited my parents’ coffee grinder that they’d received as a wedding gift in 1983, so why on earth would I go spend three figures on a fancier version of it? Then, my husband and I received a hand-me-down Capresso grinder from someone who was moving, and after five years of using it, I can officially declare that if something happened to it today, I would be on the internet so fast plunking down full price for a new one plus extra for next-day shipping. But that would never happen, because it has never failed us even a little bit. It’s that good, and it’s that essential to every morning of my life. I’m away from home right now and I miss my grinder.

Roll Recovery R8 deep-tissue massager: here’s something I do NOT miss because I can bring it with me everywhere! For three years, I coveted Coach MK’s Roll Recovery and wished I had one. I couldn’t really justify it, though, until I switched from the easy-traveling Triggerpoint foam-roller to my hefty PVC pipe, which would definitely never fit in a carry-on. Enter the Roll Recovery, which says it is TSA approved (although TSA always has questions) and is a mighty fine substitute for the PVC. And it looks pretty gnarly when you’re using it on yourself.

Huge hydroflask water bottle (and smaller Hydroflask water bottle that I exclusively use for coffee): Most of the time, I am lugging this thing around - it holds so. much. water. And no matter where I go I am always worried about being thirsty. I like that it’s stainless, that it’s bright blue, and that it sends the unquestionable message that I take my hydration seriously.

Oiselle collared roga dress: Feel free to bury me in this dress; either of the two colors I own will work fine. I wear it on summer date nights and I wear it to do household chores and I look hot AF in it.

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