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7/21/19: Nuzzel Outtakes

Updated: Jul 20, 2019

I can't quite articulate my distaste for the notion of a 'comeback '. When we talk about a comeback in sports, traditionally this is viewed as a long losing streak (frequently self-induced) followed by a return to high-level performance. We mythologize it, we don't talk about the work, the pressure, the things that cause a person or athlete to retreat from the spotlight, even temporarily. We judge them for not being able to 'handle it'.

Maybe that's just my issue, since I absolutely cracked under pressure once upon a time. If your response to that statement is to judge me as weak, *shrugs* sure. I'm weak. I'm the WORST and you totally deserve better. That's what we do though, we treat all pressure as this unified, static thing and ignore the very real factors and pressures and limited support systems that vary across sports and within poorly funded less-visible sports like women's running. We judge the people, not the pressures. We venerate those who can 'take it' and 'succeed' without looking at the why. We want the story, not the reality.

This week, many of the stories that I read were click-baitey 'comeback' narratives about female athletes who are making headlines once more. One thing all the stories have in common- the 'comebacks' happened when the pressure was off. The athletes involved haven't changed, their situations have. That should give us all food for thought, and keep hope for our own returns, or 'comebacks' if you must, alive.


Coach MK

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The only reason I cut these articles is because they were everywhere and I want to highlight things maybe you didn’t see? IF YOU HAVEN'T YET READ THIS PLEASE DO IT NOW!

It can be difficult to keep your own dreams alive while helping others reach theirs. Stories like

this give me #allthefeels

SHE HAS TRIPLETS. They are gorgeous! Follow her: @meganaxe She's 31 so if she decides to return to competition, don't call it a comeback.

This is Lauren Fleshman's BFF, and I LOVE stories like this.

I have STRONG, complex feelings about doping (as you will hear on an upcoming podcast). The short version: make 2 categories, clean and 'doping allowed', and make SURE the 'doping allowed' category monitors and protects athletes within. Stories like this are a big reason why- I truly believe most of the athletes in question either had no idea (or chose to trust their coaches) or no choice (HOW were they supposed to resist, exactly?). Banning it hasn't stopped it, it just leaves athletes in certain countries twisting in the wind.

I love everything Alex Hutchinson writes:

Nothing to do with Running, STILL AWESOME

LOVE this story!!!!!

Worth Reading, but You Probably Saw Already

Things I Posted to the Coach MK or FPP Facebook Pages

I canNOT get enough of Allie!

This is a big fat NOPE! Good for her for SURE, I would not have been able to do this in my pregnancies though!


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