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ADHD, Distance Learning, Heart Rate Zones, and Running After Cancer

#AskAway with Coach MK, 4/12/20

Social Distancing Neck Gaiters now available in our online store! Check them out before diving into Coach MK's response to a parent asking how to communicate the importance of schedules to her ADHD child. Then, we tackle questions about ReBuilding, daily strength, heart rate zones, and how to interpret EE pace. It's all happening right here in Fitness Protection!

Coach MK livestreams question and answer sessions each week on the Fitness Protection Program Facebook Page, The Fitness Protection Program YouTube Channel, and Twitch, simultaneously. Join us! They are a lot of fun, super informative, and anyone may ask follow-up questions during the live broadcast!

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ADHD question: Coach MK, thank you for being so open about your ADHD and how you work with it. My child received the diagnosis a few years ago, and we are struggling with distance learning. How would you explain the importance of a schedule to him? Runner, Interrupted

  • My oncologist finally said it was time to slowly reintroduce running (6 weeks post Whipple) and I had 3 very successful 30/30 run walks. They said it should make this next round of chemo easier to tolerate so I'm all over it!

  • My win for the week is ... clean sheets on the bed and sheet masks every other night!


  • Hi MK, I’m slowly getting back at it. Right now I can’t handle any failure, so I’m aiming at just getting out the door more days than not. I’d like to say I’m in lane one of rebuild, but the reality is I’m not yet their. Aside from refocusing I’m just rebuilding my habit what is your recommendation for the most important thing for me to do in regards to running? As always...gratefully coached and loved ❤️Melissa

  • Okay, Coach, I am jumping back in, for at least the next few days:) I have not been able to keep up with daily strength and have been doing more running than strength - I know this isn't good, and I need to do more strength (balance!). My question is, can I do two days of strength at once, to catch up a bit, or is it better just to follow along and do 2 or three reps of the same strength sets each day? Thanks for taking our questions - I appreciate the heck out of you!


  • I would like to set more realistic HR Zones for Garmin and Training Peaks which have their own, and very different, zones they have set for me. I found an intriguing calculation that uses resting heart rate as well as max (they used 220-age) to calculate your Heart Rate Reserve, but this gave me an anaerobic zone that tops at 173. Knowing that my max HR is 182 (from several EATS ages ago, as well as the more recent Slow Burn Beta) is there a best way to use that peak HR to set more realistic zones?

  • For reference: My Garmin zones are so high I rarely get out of Zone 1 (up to 152!), with a Zone 5 of >193 (I'll never get there). Training Peaks are super low with Zone 1 <114 and Zone 5 >145! I'm not sure how either program chose to set these for me, but clearly neither is appropriate.

  • Hello, I have been working to transition for rebuild into maintain and I am struggling with both the extra effort plus the extra distance. Do you have a suggestion for the best way to modify the gap between the 2 plans as I continue to build up my strength and endurance? Should I keep the harder efforts but do shorter runs or stick with the longer runs but just make them easier? Thanks so much!

  • Since my running has been hit and miss lately, I seem to have mis-placed my EE pace. Walking is frustrating and my HR seems to be all over. I know with mediocre at best sleep and the stress of everything it's probably normal, but looking for your two cents and some encouragement....

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