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Another Message for #RMRR

Another message from Coach MK to the Executive Committee of the Rocky Mountain Rugby Union. Coaching is the art of taking best practices and the latest science from a sport and distilling it into effective coaching cues to get the best results for your clients in line with THEIR goals. You don't get to set their goals. YOU DO NOT GET TO TELL THEM TO LOSE WEIGHT. THIS IS CLUB RUGBY IT IS A HOBBY. You need to think real hard about what you want this union to be, what purpose it serves, and get unified behind a single message before Oct 12, when you host a women's rugby conference. You are not being inclusive by sending one singular garbage message to multiple groups.

If you are fat-shaming your own volunteer referees, veterans who have served their country with pride and honor, what in the WORLD are you going to do to a room full of women? What kind of 'goals' are you going to set for them? You need to think about, then refine, your message. If you need help thinking carefully about what comes out of your mouth, some of us have had to do it our whole lives and are better at it than others because 'consequences', let me know. I'm always happy to help a fellow coach out. Especially one who is blinded by the presence of fat.

My husband is amazing and you do not deserve him. The women in your league deserve better. DO BETTER.

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