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#AskAway 9/15/19: Heart Rate Training Questions and Answers

#AskAway with Coach MK and Coach Sarah is here! This week we wrestle with technology (Coach MK is still in the AirBnb with a great hot tub and terrible internet) while answering questions about The Struggle Bus, Predatory Bullsh*t disguised as "self-help", and Fall Marathon Strategies!

Coach MK and Coach Sarah livestream question and answer sessions each week on the Fitness Protection Program Facebook Page, The Fitness Protection Program YouTube Channel, and Twitch, simultaneously. Join us! They are a lot of fun and super informative, and anyone may ask follow-up questions during the live broadcast.


1. So I'm on the struggle bus big time with balancing work commitments, family, and self-care. I know I need to make more time for me, because I'm suffering the most in this equation. It's also hard to keep all the negative comments about myself under control. So where is the line between pushing yourself to do better and berating yourself? Thanks so much for coaching and loving us. I really enjoyed the Re(Build) podcast; it really reaffirmed how happy I am to be here.

a. Self help is predatory bullshit - if it’s making you feel bad, it’s not working!!


1. Hi Coaches I have 2 questions today. 1) I am doing a half in 2 weeks. Can you remind me what the week befores workouts should be? I am doing the all the strength and doing the harder workouts on the treadmill at the moment as it feels kinder to my Plantar Fasciitis even though it is mostly healed. Please can you talk taper. 2) the training peaks discussion is very informative and interesting. But I don’t know what data I can pull without the premium version. Can you give a breakdown of useful or interesting data points that can be found in the free version ( if any) Thank you both for your love and support. It’s wonderful to be #coachedandloved

2. Back to school has hit me hard this week! As a result I missed my LR (I do on Mondays) and the workouts (run and strength) on Thursday and Friday. Should I just pick up Sunday's run and Monday's LR as is, or ease back into it with a shorter amount?

3. Question 1: I know that sleep and nutrition are important. Can you explain why lack of sleep and not getting enough protein may result in that heavy leg feeling? I know that you have probably talked about this before but I could use a refresher. Question 2: 1x1s are starting this week for me and I was just wondering how we figure out what race effort is supposed to be. Are we supposed to use the “A” pace from the EAT? I know that you have said that our marathon pace will be somewhere between easy effort and the “A” pace from the EAT. My EE pace and my “A” pace are 2:30 minutes apart from each other.

4. My head is kind of playing games with me right now. I have one more 20 miler left before my marathon and had my best long run and final EAT to date so I am super curious to see how my run goes. PUMPED to be exact but I do have one question. My last 20 miler is this week which is just two weeks from my marathon. My heart is saying that is plenty of time to rest and recovery before race day since they are are a comfortable heart rate (140 most of the way) but my head is saying....hmmmm....seems like I should be cutting back not and tapering this week? Can you help ease my head (again) on a long run just two week away? I am assuming it is because we run them easy and have a NICE taper after? THANKS Coach

5. Hey coaches! I think few of us are in our last few weeks of race training. Can you talk through race strategies for our marathons? I know I saw a fb live you did last spring but now that it is fall can but could you walk us through the heart rate caps for the different stages of the race again? Thanks as always! Kristy

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