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#AskAway, Live from She Podcasts!

The Coaches are never too far away to answer QUESTIONS! This week, they are coming at you from their editor's room at the She Podcasts conference in Atlanta, GA.

#AskAway 10/13/19: Heart Rate Training Questions, Answered

Runner Interrupted

  • #weeklywins My post-surgery check up went probably the best it could go! I also got a 10 minute and a 25 minute walk this week.

  • #weeklywins for me was healing from dental surgery and being able to run a few miles! My hubby’s health is on a good stretch and we’re sleeping a few hours at a stretch too!

  • #weeklywins My post-surgery check up went probably the best it could go! I also got a 10 minute and a 25 minute walk this week.

  • #weeklywins for me was using to time I would have normally spent running on other less physical hobbies I don’t often take time to do. The result was successfully completing my first 2 tier semi naked cake for a bridal shower I was hosting.

Question. Can I run through “shin splints”? How do I mitigate them?


Totally fine if you don’t want to get into this now - but just listened to podcast and so excited for NY! I want to know if you have advice for spectators…


  1. Hi coaches! After all my talk of my goal race being a 5k I signed up for a half on 11-23. Anything special I need to do between now and then? I missed about half the long runs in September. Thanks for everything!

  2. Hi, wonderful coaches! I’m on the marathon ramp and am looking ahead a few weeks. I’m traveling for work and might choose to not run the M2 on the scheduled day so that I may use the day to do tourist stuff. Can I push it to Thursday and keep the SS 80/18-miler as scheduled on Friday/Saturday? (My preference!) Should I shift the whole week to keep the day off between the M2 and stride sandwich (not ideal)? Skip it altogether? (Gah! I couldn’t possibly!) Depending on your answer, I may decide to shorten my tourist plans and run the M2 that afternoon anyway. Thanks!

  3. Hi Coaches. Emma Ross, here. I've had a bit of a set-back. I strained my hamstring a bit and I'm seeing a PT who does not want me to try running again until Wednesday. That means I'm missing two long runs in a row and this is supposed to be week 2 of my marathon ramp. The PT is also a runner and she talked with me extensively about my training schedule and she says that there is no reason to think I won't be able to run CIM which is great and what I'm clinging too. I'm going to see her three times a week for the next several weeks. She said she would like to me to run next week just Wed, Fri and Sun (long run day). I wanted to hear your opinion of this approach. Also, I can ride a bike without pain so I'm going to do that to keep up fitness while I'm not running. Any advice, thoughts and moral support are appreciated. Thank you!

  4. Hey coaches! Can’t wait to hear all about Atlanta! So talk me off the ledge. Another bout of insecurity and pre race jitters. Both of my “running partners” who were going to run in the full marathon with me have shifted to the half. One was struggling with training- the other her husband (not that I would keep up with him a 7x IM) was diagnosed with gout. How do I put these insecurities at bay and toe the line? Love you both sooooo much.

  5. Hi! I emailed actually to coach MK and coach Sarah but if you could answer me here that will be great. I never officially reverse taper after full marathon in the past simply because I don’t know how to do it. All I did was eat and rest and walk few days a week in the last week after marathon. How to get back into regular routine? And how to jump back into the FP maintain program? Also, I received the email says “you are subscribed to maintain program” but when I sign in, I can’t find the program. Thank you in advance 😊

Coach MK and Coach Sarah livestream question and answer sessions each week on the Fitness Protection Program Facebook Page, The Fitness Protection Program YouTube Channel, and Twitch, simultaneously. Join us! They are a lot of fun and super informative, and anyone may ask follow-up questions during the live broadcast.

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