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Nuzzel Outtakes, 6/15/19 #BraveLikeGabe

TRYING SOMETHING NEW THIS WEEK! This week's is LONG, because Gabe. :( So, I'm highlighting the stories I recommend most highly for those who don't have time for a Father's Day clickhole AND #AskAway tomorrow night. LMK what you think!


I read. Like, a LOT. Like, A LOT a lot. Anything that excites me, I save to my weekly Nuzzel newsletter, then agonize over which to keep and which to cut since Nuzzel only limits me to 10 articles. Just because I couldn't fit it in doesn't mean it isn't worth reading!

I've been thinking about you all week and hope you enjoy the newsletter as much as I enjoy creating it! If you want a little MOAR, the outtakes are below!


Coach MK


#BraveLikeGabe *sobs*


The tributes this week are....*deep breath* a LOT. And much-deserved.

Photo Tribute from her college:

Short Video Tribute from her sponsor, Brooks Running:


A lovely tribute from a usually snarky website:

From RW:


From Citius:





Women's Running:




June 12th is Gabe Day in Minneapolis:

NY Post:

Old Gabe Pieces Worth Reading

Spikes Magazine:

Sports Illustrated:

From the 2017 USA Championships

Trail & Ultra Running

Leadville Heavy Marathon and Half was yesterday. Kara did really well! 6th overall, and won her age group.

Trail World Championships are coming up in Portugal:

Women's Trail Festival sounds like a great time!

REALLY good podcast, really good interview:

I cry during good runs, too sometimes:

I have strong, mixed feelings about this:

The Business of Running

TERRIFIC article about the NY Mini 10k:

This is horses*it:

The NYC Virtual Marathon is coming back!

Tianna is a terrific writer:

Stuff I posted to the Facebook Pages


SCIENCE "Yes, Heat makes hard things harder":

The Point of the Cool-Down:

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