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"Brittany Runs a Marathon" is Problematic AF.

I didn't want to do this. I really, truly didn't.

Every time I open my mouth, I get in trouble. This is nothing new. I'm aware and awake enough to know when something I want to say will be not-well-received or just unpopular. This rarely stops me though, I firmly believe we can have important conversations showcasing opposing points of view in ways that validate everyone in the room. There are few topics I truly want to avoid.

When I saw the trailer for Brittany Runs a Marathon, I had....thoughts. I kept them to myself. I said, 'I'll pass on the fatphobia and the 'white woman equates losing weight with inner work and continues unabated' themes; thank u next'.

Then I saw the phrase "Recreational Adderall" in an NPR review, and I screamed. I legit howled in anger. I went to see the movie, it was WORSE than I expected, and I walked out about 60% through.

Coach Sarah wasn't going to let this one go, either. After posting some stories pointing out the problematic aspects of the film to our Facebook pages, we knew we needed to talk about what we saw that so many overlooked.

Before recording the podcast, I did a livestream. When Fitness Protection says unpopular things, start at the TOP. Come to ME, Mary-Katherine Brooks Fleming in Denver, CO, and you leave Coach Sarah alone. I answer to you, she doesn't have to. (and she never will)

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