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Chicago Marathon Report, Runner, Interrupted Beta Test, and Recovery Paces

The first big fall racing weekend is here, and we have REPORTS!!!! We will be inviting these runners to speak about our free 10-week marathon ramps in an upcoming podcast, but tonight you'll get to hear us brag....after Coach Jennifer gives us an update on the first week of Runner, Interrupted's beta test. Don't forget to RSVP to the group run in Atlanta with the FPP Team next weekend! Anyone who wants to guide MK for 16 miles on Sunday would be APPRECIATED AF.

First come the #WeeklyWins from Runner, Interrupted. Questions from ReBuild and Maintain include: Chicago Marathon prep, being "ready" for Maintain, sleep, recovery paces, and the SUPER FUN STORY of our iconic theme song!

Runner, Interrupted

From FB:

  • #Weeklywins: One member is recovering from dental surgery; weekly win was giving herself the rest and recovery she needed. She says she’s giving herself the self-care she needs (also having some challenges in her family).

  • Another member’s weekly win is “counting on her support system.” She has a new injury now, but her support system of PT, chiro, and others is already in place so she knows how to use those. That’s really helpful in being able to “see the light at the end of the tunnel.

  • #weeklywin I can get out of bed by myself after abdominal surgery

  • Got Packed for Colorado and didn't miss the plane! [and embarking on something called the “American Adventure, which sounds something like the “amazing race’]

Question: How do you balance the fear of failing at goals with the need to make goals do you have some hope of success?


  1. How do I know if ReBuild or Runner Interrupted is a better fit?

  2. Currently In rebuild and starting to get my feet back under me again. I just registered for a half in the spring which will be a huge group gathering girls weekend kind of event and my first half since October 2017. Course limit is 3:30, which I should have no issues with meeting, and otherwise it will be a low pressure/low expectation morning. With roughly 5 months to go, what would you recommend as far as goals on shifting lanes in rebuild and/or timing of jumping to Maintain? I want to be comfortable and relaxed, and not break myself along the way. Thank you!!

  3. Y’all have been talking a lot lately about how the training cycle isn’t where you gain speed. As a slow runner, I’m interested in how speed grows. I don’t want to be speedy, I just want to get to mid-pack, maybe 10-11 minute miles most days, but from back here that feels very far away.

  4. What is the podcast theme song? Is it available on any of the public stores?

  5. What is the benchmark for a good nights sleep? Sometimes I feel like I’m playing into the advertising for sleep monitoring bc I can’t objectively be able to tell if it was a “good” night of sleep. Is it worth all the extra data points? What about waking up to go to the bathroom or change positions, as long as you go back to sleep easily?



  • WINEGLASS!!!! Amy Wilson, Yuzuko DeGrottole, Mary Lenczewski, Amanda Cannady, Michelle Emanuel (and shoutout to Colleen Daley-Lachance for deferring, HARD CHOICE but RIGHT CHOICE

  • TWIN CITIES!!!!! Amanda Williams, amazing 5k/10k/10 mile PR and called it when it was time!!

  • LOCH NESS!!!!!! Karen Schlueter!!!!! Hills, cramps, TRIUMPH!

  • St GEORGE!!!!!! Megan Duncan WOWWEEEEE!

CHICAGO IS NEXT WEEK and it will probably be either hot or like historic-level cold. OUR PEOPLE GONNA BE PREPARED AF.

Also, look at everyone who had HUGE WINS this week. All gain, no pain. Maintaining, not making huge changes, just getting it done

  1. Hi! I’m going to ask you guys to put on your magic coach goggles and speculate with me. Ever since I raced a half last month, I’ve noticed my easy effort pace has slowed down by a good 20-30 seconds. Even though temps have cooled down. Is it possible it’s related to the racing? I took a full week off from running post-race. Sleep, life, and nutrition are all more or less the same. Although I’m a long-time vegetarian and am suddenly craving a real burger big time. Maybe it’s related! I don’t know! I’m not taking the paces TOO seriously (i swear!) but i will admit to feeling a niggle of worry related to a loose time goal I have for an upcoming marathon. I’d love to hear your thoughts and encouragement. And man I really want that burger. Thank you!!

  2. Hi coaches! Talk to me about winter running. Every year I *want* to keep going when it gets cold and then I don’t... because i don’t have gear or a plan. I want this year to be different. What do I need to consider in terms of injury prevention or anything else? It was a cold breezy 47 degrees this morning. I always end up “just” swimming in winter because it’s free...I have a treadmill option but not great. I want to run outside as much as possible!

  3. Hello Coaches! Today is marathon day! Can you talk through recovery post race and how to get back into Maintain! I know the basics but its nice to have a reminder. Thanks!

  4. Can the optional EAT on week 8 of the Marathon ramp be moved to Week 9? It is supposed to pour tomorrow morning and I don't want to risk getting sick so close to my race.

  5. New here- how do I print out the training plan once I've loaded on to Training Peaks? I'm a pen and paper kind of gal.

  6. OMG the fall colors! I just want to be up in the mountains as much as I can right now! How do I incorporate this into my plan? My heart rate jumps when I hike.

Coach MK and Coach Sarah livestream question and answer sessions each week on the Fitness Protection Program Facebook Page, The Fitness Protection Program YouTube Channel, and Twitch, simultaneously. Join us! They are a lot of fun and super informative, and anyone may ask follow-up questions during the live broadcast.

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