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Fitness Protection Roundup, 8/25/19:

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

Coach Sarah is off savoring vacation while she gets ready to WORK come September!!! Are you excited for the beta test of our new strength program???? WE ARE!

What we aren't so ready to do? Make big changes....but they don't have to suck, right?

Who is our runner of the week? CHECK THE CL NEWSLETTER TO FIND OUT!

New CL Newsletter here:

We Ready to WORK!

NOW for your Nuzzel Outtakes!


Yup- changing the plane of motion is powerful (AS LONG AS YOU BUILD FUNCTIONAL AND GLUTE STRENGTH FIRST!):

99% Sure You Saw These Already on the FB Pages

Pro Running

Dopers still have careers, she does not. Don't talk to me about fairness in sport as long as she is out.

Lots of fun coverage led into the Fifth Avenue Mile this week!

I pulled this because it was sponsored, too...but it's still good!

Proletariat Running

Too right. I'm BETTER than the athlete I used to be!

This jacket is super cool. I'm sure it's already sold out despite costing $1000:

Trail Running

Yeah, IDK- multi-day races are very complicated when you have little kids!

Fourth place, and she felt like a fraud:


Nothing To Do With Running

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