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Fitness Protection Roundup, 8/4/19

THIS IS COACH SARAH'S LAST WEEK AT HARVARD!!!!!!!!! Then she goes on vacation and when she comes back, SHE IS OURS AT LAST!!!!!!!!!! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!

Sarah also put out some awesome mantras this week: Pass The Granny Panties! and You Did Everything Right.

Coach MK had a couple of noteworthy mantras: A Joyful Noise requested by a listener, and Different Isn't Broken (The ADHD Mantra).

Coach MK opened up about her ADHD diagnosis and tried to explain how her ADHD mind operates in a week-long series of posts on her personal Facebook page. Thanks to Phyllis Caunt for the tag that kicked it all off! Also thanks to everyone for the fabulous, amazing emails.

Last week, Coach Sarah and I made this podcast:

Afterwards, I asked my husband if he could tell a story, THE story, the story he told me back when we were dating, while he made me breakfast after a long run, the one that still brings tears to my eyes. How many beautiful people in this world feel less-than because of their weight, how many others have judged swollen knees to be preferable to swollen jowls or waistlines? When I advise against starting a new training regime and a new diet simultaneously, I'm thinking of him. (I'm always thinking of him)

This week, my beautiful husband did another livestream, sharing a story that was really hard for him to share:

This is so exciting- it sets up next week's podcast, nicely. Think of it as a sneak peek please, and let us know what you think! Do you want MOARRRR Mr. MK? Should Mr. Sarah have a turn? DO YOU NEED TO SEE MOAR OF ROS'S BRAIDS???? Let us know in the comments or on Facebook!


Top story this week was Allyson Felix, AS IT SHOULD BE!

Worth The Time to Read

Another GORGEOUS piece from IRUNFAR.COM Put on your smarty-pants, Dr. Coach Sarah of Harvard could have written this, it's THAT good.

Useful tips about tummy troubles while running:

Pro Runner News

New Bowerman Babe!

This happened, and my heart just broke for her. She has an advantage, but she competes clean. How many other sprinters can say that. GET IT TOGETHER WADA.

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