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Half-A**ed is FULLY DONE!

#AskAway with Coach Sarah: 2/9/20

Coach MK and Coach Sarah livestream question and answer sessions each week on the Fitness Protection Program Facebook Page, The Fitness Protection Program YouTube Channel, and Twitch, simultaneously. Join us! They are a lot of fun, super informative, and anyone may ask follow-up questions during the live broadcast!

This week, Coach Sarah tackles questions about whether it's time to transition to Maintain, what to do when your Slow Burn workouts are TOO FAST, and why the hardest thing is not always the most effective thing.

First up: a wrap-up on Fitness Protection's Anti-Diet Challenge and the radical notion that maybe you can learn an intuitive approach to fitness with fewer rules (because fewer rules mean fewer ways to "fail!"). Coach Sarah also recommends reading Coach MK's recent post on Coached and Loved called "Cheer Math," wherein she breaks down the amount of time the Navarro cheerleaders on Netflix's Cheer are actually able to spend going "full out" in the course of their training cycle for their 2-minute, 15-second performance at the national championships (which, we remind you, is LITERALLY their one shot at victory before cheerleading is out of their lives). Spoiler alert: it's less time than you'd think. Remember that at Fitness Protection, we will NEVER make you go harder than a Navarro cheerleader for anything less than a national championship.

12:54 What You Didn't Miss (a newly recurring segment)! Coach Sarah is joined by the LOVELY Kristin Frazier of ReBuild, who not only recently recovered from surgery on her broken wrist but ALSO is in full-on colonoscopy prep! KRISTIN, you are a hero! Thank you for appearing as our first "What You Didn't Miss" guest and telling us about how you spent your time off from running. Remember, if YOU have recently been through a period of not running for any reason, whether in the past or ongoing, PLEASE e-mail and tell us about it - we would love to have YOU appear on the podcast on a future Sunday night!

Next up: #WEEKLYWINS in Runner, Interrupted!

31:41 I made my goal of walking the dog! One step closer to regaining my strength.

34:05 I worked out today. And I’m not even going to qualify it by using any ‘justs’. I did a 5 min warmup on my stationary bike and I did 15 min of chair yoga from a YouTube video. This is my first attempt at any kind of working out since my hysterectomy. My body is so sore from just sitting. I’m not going to lie, even the chair yoga was hard. I have a long way to go, but I did something towards that today


38:15 I’m in ReBuild and most weeks completing 80% of the running. When given lane 2 options, I usually complete those. This month in Coach MK’s February intro video intrigued me on the 2 workouts for Maintain. How bad is it that I completed Auntie Joy last week and have Etsy shop in my program for Wednesday? Thanks. Love you guys for coaching and loving me.


41:30 Race Shoutout to AMY WILSON! She won her age group at the Flying Moose 10 K Classic Nordic Ski Race and won a baguette!!!!!!

43:58 I have a question about Slow Burn paces. I ran the 6 minute test and ended up with a pace that was really really fast- too fast for me to hang on for the Billats. It’s nowhere near my 8K pace- if I did the subtraction to estimate pace, it’s my 1K pace. (My 8K pace should be near 10:30, and my 1K pace falls out near 7:30). I don’t quite understand how this difference comes up. Is it a power thing? And inefficiency thing? I’d really appreciate some guidance on how to deal with really wide pace gaps. Thanks!

49:56 Hi MK and Sarah, I just wanted to say THANK YOU. I’ve been struggling with a lot on my plate, and running hasn’t been easy. I’m grateful to be welcomed in your groups, and that your advice is so kind, loving and well-balanced. Your voices are the ones cheering me on right now, and I just wanted to say THANK YOU!!!!!


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Coach MK Fleming is the founder of Fitness Protection, LLC where she trains her runners for $30 per month and gives marathon plans away for free.

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