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Hate Can Be Unlearned

Morning Mantra Podcast Coach MK Fleming

Hey, it’s Coach MK with the Morning Mantra to kickstart your day. Because we don’t always have coffee within arms reach, YAY!

Today’s mantra, it’s a little different: “I don’t hate my body”. I don’t hate my body. This one sounds a little different because normally I like to do something really positive as opposed to introducing a negative because I just don’t think that’s effective. But in order to do that first we’ve gotta admit that hey, maybe I kind of do hate my body. Even if I haven’t said it out loud. Even if I haven’t written it down. Even if I haven’t gone there because that’s the wrong answer, and I do not ever give the wrong answer. I am smart, I’m a Type A personality, I have checklists with little check boxes that I drew and then checks in those boxes, because I am that good, man! I do not give the wrong answer and “I hate my body” is the wrong answer.

Coach MK, what are we doing?

What we’re doing is being honest. We’re taking a look around right now. I am bombarded as we go into this election period. By the way, vote. I don’t care who you vote for… I kinda, actually I kinda really do care who you vote for, but that is your business. What I care is that you do it.

As we go into this election cycle, I see a lot of variations on one big theme coming up on Facebook, and that is this: “Hate is learned and can be unlearned”. I’m not sure who said that, I’m sure a lot of really smart people have, but we’re just gonna start there. Variations on this theme of “hate is learned and can be unlearned”. That is something we talk about in a very theoretically - about all the terrible things in the world, about how we grow up learning to hate each other, and I think we need to go a little further than that and be honest, because our kids can see it, and how we feel about ourselves.

I said a long time ago, I am not the coachiest coach, I do not have a degree in kinesiology, I can define myself compared to other coaches by the things I don’t have. And that’s okay, I don’t need them. I’m not coaching Olympians and that’s great. That’s a lot of hard work, I would rather coach you guys. Because I’ll tell you what, the thing we need to unlearn, the thing that keeps me going, if hate is truly learned and can be unlearned, then maybe at some point in my lifetime, my work will be done.

Do not fear your body. You are perfectly and wonderfully and fearfully made in that presence of a perfect maker. You have everything you need to succeed, you always did. At some point, somebody made you feel like crap. And then somebody else made you feel like crap. And you kept hearing it, and now you have these beliefs about your body that are based on what you heard from other places. And I’m here to validate you. Yes, you heard those things and you responded accordingly. But you believed them too, because it’s hard not to believe something when you hear it every single day. And that’s half the reason I started coaching, the other half the reason I started this podcast.

I might be the only person in your life with balls enough to say, “Hey, you’re plenty. And you’re kind of fucking terrific, too. And yes, you can and yes you are and yes you will and no, they are wrong.”

So pick your mantra today. Either “I don’t hate my body” and say it and wonder if you can say it convincingly, because if you can’t say it convincingly, then you might. And “they are wrong” - every person who ever tried to tell you who you are, who came at you with anything less than utter positivity, who wanted to tear you down maybe so they could take your place, or maybe why they wanted to take you down because it made them feel bigger. I don’t care why, but it wasn’t about you. I can be objective about you because I am invested in your continued progress. And I promise you, you have no idea what you are capable of.

Hate is learned and can be unlearned. Please, follow this podcast, listen to my voice, and no one else’s. Because we’re gonna unlearn a whole lifetime’s worth of hate.

You are coached. You are loved. And you are winning at life. And so am I cause I tried not to follow a script today because it doesn’t sound like me when I’m scripted. Let me know if this is better.

[kiss noise]

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