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Morning Mantra Podcast Coach MK Fleming

Hi! This is Coach MK and this is the Morning Mantra: A double barrel buckshot of WOOP WOOP WOOP WOOP to get you through your morning. God, that sounded a lot better when I didn’t have [clears throat] laringitis. Oh well!

Today’s mantra is: HELL YEAH!!! HELL YEAH!!!

Once upon a time, I had the worst job in the world. And before you come at me with your stories about having to like, professionally clean dog poop for a DNA company or your summer job at an accounting firm where you had to actually like, take inventory of the live beetles for a bait company, y’know let’s just go with my version of reality - I had the worst job in the world. And I hated it and I was miserable and every single day it was harder than the one before, but I made a lot of money and it was really hard to leave. And I remember, there was a point when, somebody said that the real problem was my attitude. And I’m like, are you kidding me? My attitude? Well if you had this job you would have my attitude. So I decided, I was gonna try to change my attitude. And I came to realize something very important that still rings true almost 20 years later: Practically anything can sound really interesting if you follow it with “HELL YEAH!!!”

“Hey, do you want to help me count this box full of live beetles, it’s part of the inventory project?” “HELL YEAH!!!” “Hey, can you help me change this diaper?”


“Do you want to like make stuff for the bake sale?” “No, but if you want me to go buy them from the store, HELL YEAH!!!”

It’s kind of fun. It’s a good way to take ownership of something and just make fun of it in your brain, and turn it into something you can actual live with very quickly. It’s not necessarily about agreeing, it’s not conceding, it’s just saying, y’know what that thing I don’t want to do? That ridiculous routine Coach MK told me I needed to do - well, it’s actually part of the plan that I signed up for - HELL YEAH!!! Oh my god, she wants me to pick up her frying pan while I do it? HELL YEAH!!!

So let that be your challenge today. There’s all kinds of things you don’t wanna do. And I get that but respectfully you’ve gotta do some of those things in order to be an adult and keep your health insurance and pay your mortgage. Some of those things, the things you really don’t want to do, if you have the worst job in the world. I dare you just for today turn around as you start to embark on completing these tasks, be like “Alright! Now it’s time to straighten up the shoe drawer. HELL YEAH!!!” And see maybe if you can change your attitude just a little bit or make something so ridiculous that all of a sudden, it’s actually kind of fun.

But you know what’s more fun than that? Talking about me in the present tense cause I love y’all, but I’m not dead, I’m not dead and I appreciated all of the love on the Facebook page but you’re weirding me out. [laughs] I’m still working with Another Mother Runner for at least 8 more weeks. It’s all good. I love you so much. But present tense. Talk about me in the present tense, okay? HELL YEAH!!!

You are coached. You are loved. You are winning at life. Because we are ALIVE! Present tense. ALIVE!


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