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Coach MK Fleming Morning Mantra Podcast

Hi, this is Coach MK and this is the Morning Mantra. Gonna make today short and sweet, I really don’t have much voice left at all. I left it behind cheering at the New York City Marathon.

If you follow me on Facebook, if you paid any attention, if you have eyes that work and ears that hear, then you probably know what happened today at the New York City Marathon. But what you probably don’t know is what I’m most interested in telling you. And that’s a story that wasn’t really picked up by Flotrack, it wasn’t picked by ESPN, it wasn’t picked up by any of the major news media. It’s about a woman, a nurse, that has been completely overlooked in this entire cycle. And her day today was the best day ever.

There were lots of hearts broken, lots of hearts broken. It was a perfect day, it was an incredible day, and the way this story will be told, the way today will be explained in the history books, it’s gonna come down to one name and a weather report with no mention of all the improvement the American Fields saw over the last year. So if you’re someone like Allie Kieffer who went from fifth place to seventh place, despite a significant improvement, today was really heartbreaking. Steph Rothstein, bless her heart, her heart’s breaking as well if you saw her Instagram. My heart bleeds for these people.

But what I get excited about and a little frustrated about is that the cool story of today still hasn’t been told, and something I heard after she crossed the finish line is what I think needs to be your daily mantra and mine as well tomorrow. And that is Sarah Sellers: “I am SOOO GOOD!”

You see, Sarah Sellers came in second place in the Boston Marathon. And I don’t know, again you might have also heard the Boston Marathon had bad weather this year and people were dropping out of that race left and right. Her coming in second place was completely unexpected; no one knew who she was. That she was here in New York is off the back of that fluke. Her goal, all she wanted to do, she knew she wasn’t going to get a podium from this, she knew she was unlikely to replicate what happened in Boston, unless there was another disaster knocking out most of the elite field. She came here today saying “I have one thing I need to do and that’s meet the Olympic A standard”, that’s finish under 2:37, “If I get that, I’ll be good. Because that means I can keep going.” She ran a 2:36 and change. She met her goal. She crossed the finish line. She threw her hands in the air, and she said “I am SOOO GOOD!”

I can’t tell you how cool that is, I can’t tell you how exciting that is. For so many women in the top ten, the fastest American field ever, to walk away disappointed with what they’ve done, it was refreshing to see one woman who no one expected to be there, who no one is paying attention to, who no one really wants to interview because she’s not the fastest one that ever lived or the fastest one there, but she’s got the best stuff to say. No one is more excited today than Sarah Sellers. And hopefully no one will be more excited than you tomorrow after you practice looking in the mirror and saying this mantra over and over: I am SOOO GOOD!

Cause you know what, you are. And so is she. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how good you are relative to everyone else. That’s never gonna make you feel good. But if you look at what you are, and what you’ve accomplished, and whether or not you got what you came for, then why wouldn’t you throw your hands in the air and celebrate a little bit?

I am SOOO GOOD! You are also coached, and loved, and winning at life.

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