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Lighten Up!

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

Lighten Up! A New Podcast Series Exploring the Intersection of Food, Family and Diet Culture

Lighten Up! Fitness Protection Podcast Fatphobia Diet Culture Holiday Food Stress

Diet Culture brings fear and dysfunction to the house long before our families show up. In this series, a therapist and an elementary school nutritionist will offer tips and tools to enlighten us, so we can, "Lighten Up" without *actually* setting things on fire.

We can't make the world safer, but we can #ReclaimOurTime when it's time to celebrate with food...and family.

Dalia Kinsey (@schoolnutritionrd) is The School Nutrition Dietitian utilizing a background in public health and school nutrition in preventative health care. Jummy Olawale (@jummyolawale_the_therapist) is a Therapist who uses the Gottman Method to help couples rebuild healthy, shame-free relationships by re-framing difficult conversations. I’m hoping that today’s roundtable discussion can help us recognize the messages we are REALLY sending our kids so we can lead the way in helping them develop healthy relationships with food...and with us.

World, Meet Dalia!

Dalia Kinsey RD The School Nutrition Dietitian

Dalia Kinsey is a School Nutrition Specialist and Health at Every Size Registered Dietitian on a mission to make health accessible to all by encouraging body respect and joyful movement.  Dalia worked in public health for years prior to moving to K-12 where she noted the need for a body positive approach to nutrition education in schools.  She created the School Nutrition Dietitian podcast to serve as a one stop shop for best practices and inspiration for professionals in school food service.  She uses this platform to not only capture the wisdom of veteran employees that are retiring out but to stress the importance of offering students evidenced based nutrition education, untainted by diet culture.

You can follow Dalia here:

And heeeeeeere's JUMMY!

Jummy Olawale Counselor Speaker Podcaster

Jummy Olawale, MA. LPCC is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, Life Coach, Speaker and Podcast Host of Life, Love & Therapy Podcast. She is the owner of Focus Counseling Clinic, a Counseling private practice in Grandview, Ohio where she counsels people struggling with relationship, depression and anxiety issues.

You can follow Jummy here:

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