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Listening to your body is THE most advanced thing you can do.

#AskAway with Coach MK: 1/19/20

Coach MK and Coach Sarah livestream question and answer sessions each week on the Fitness Protection Program Facebook Page, The Fitness Protection Program YouTube Channel, and Twitch, simultaneously. Join us! They are a lot of fun, super informative, and anyone may ask follow-up questions during the live broadcast!

This week, Coach MK takes the helm and tackles questions about assessing and addressing fatigue, maintaining foundational strength in perimenopause, and getting ready to take on a trail race!

Before starting in on questions, though, MK chats with Nikkia Raedawn Young, one of Fitness Protection's sponsored athletes! We are SO PROUD to introduce you to this powerhouse, our second sponsored athlete of 2020! Our clients have described Nikkia as a ray of sunshine, which is TRUE- she is gorgeous and WILL BURN YOU!!!! We chat a little with Nikkia before pivoting to a little anti-diet talk with Coach Jess of Enlighten Well LLC then finally hit all of the questions in #AskAway!

To download your free copy of our introduction to the anti-diet mindset (which means, "Eating and working out with ANY OTHER REASON than 'making your body smaller'"), head to

Then, we dive right into it!

Runner Interrupted #WEEKLYWINS!

33:07 I taught today and didn’t die! And I SAT for most of it which is against my nature, but needed for my recovery. And I only worked a little before and a little after my class and didn’t stay the whole day. I did it all for me and for healing!!!

33:50 Ya know what I’m thankful for? Having learned about running from a knowledgable coach. I’m in other run groups on FB and I just want to pull my hair out with some of the disordered things people say and encourage in them. ‘I haven’t run in years, but I wanna do this half in three months that has an aggressive cut off time, can I do it?’ ‘Yes! Of course! You’ll be amazing!!!’ Or the other one ‘I haven’t run since yesterday and I’m hacking up a lung and I think my fitness is going to disappear over night, so I’m going to go for a run.’ COME ON PEOPLE! Grateful to MY coaches.


35:33 Hello I need suggestions for dealing with well meaning but unhelpful loved ones in a kind way. My husbands and my times in races are not significantly different and he regularly asks to do training runs with me. I enjoy his company but his “training” pace and mine are nowhere close so the runs always end up disastrous. Mostly he complains about my pace the entire time while reminding me that there is no reason to run this slow if I can race so much faster, or I oblige and speed up and then end up miserable and killing myself. When I tell him no thank you he is hurt. Help appreciated!

42:25 Hello coaches! Is there an objective definition for “fatigue” for when it becomes a medical symptom? I’m still trying to figure out causes for my BP issues. Doing a sleep study to look for apnea is next up. But one of the last specialists I talked to dismissed autoimmunity as a cause because I didn’t mention fatigue as a symptom. This is an area where it seems the burden of proof is on a patient, and easily dismissed. I’m not falling asleep on my face in the afternoon, but I’m basically crashed out by 730pm. I don’t have much energy to spare. At what point does it rate “fatigue?”


50:35 I’m entering peri menopause at 44 years old. Everything I’ve been reading (mostly from Dr. Stacy Sims book ROAR- Women are not small men) says as we age not to focus on endurance but developing “fast twitch fibers” (I think that’s right) by focusing more on plyo, strength (lifting heavy shit) and running intervals/hills etc... as opposed to low intensity steady state cardio. She’s not saying to not do it if you enjoy it, but don’t focus on that. I only have so much time in my day- like everyone else- and there is so much information out there- how do you sort through all the information? I’m more wrapped up in this because my family doesn’t “age well“. Cancer took my dad at 56, my mom died at 49 of heart disease... I’m not scared of death- but I want to stay as mobile/healthy as I can for as long as I can

58:56 Another question about my trail 25k (it's in SE Kentucky and last year it was 70° and no sign of snow!). Since it's a 25k, do I need to do anything different with my long runs? I'll finish slow burn and then 3-4 weeks of maintain.

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Coach MK Fleming is the founder of Fitness Protection, LLC where she trains her runners for $30 per month and gives marathon plans away for free.

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