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Mo' Talent Mo' Problems, Cadence, and SLOW BURN!

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This week, the coaches answer questions about tapers, starting over, racing with friends, running cadence, and more!

But first, Coach MK addresses the Mary Cain news this week and reminds us why she says #thankGodWeArentElite. If you found this week's news triggering, skip ahead to the 22:38 mark.

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Coach MK Fleming Fitness Protection Program

INTRO - Mary Cain, Shalane and Nike (ends at 22:38)

24:34: Runner Interrupted

  • Here's my #weeklywin- I got a really great foot "massage" at PT this week that has really helped with the pain. Yay! Winning!

  • Coach MK- what was your favorite part of the NYC marathon?

26:36: ReBuild

  1. Every month I set an intention to start running again and then every month I miss the first week of the plan and feel like I’ve missed the boat completely. Yet another example of Type A thinking, I know. What is your advice for starting a plan mid month with not a lot of base level fitness?

  2. I wasn't able to see the week at a glance and started Rebuild. Now I realize that the long run is during the week and that won't work with work. I want to reconfigure the week and am not sure how. LR needs to be Sunday. Should I just start today by doing the 1 hour run and not worry about the sessions I missed?

  3. I’m running the Atlanta 1/2 March 1. Currently in Rebuild but started flirting with Maintain this week. Thinking I’ll repeat week 1 all month and keep LR 60-90min. I’m doing this with several friends who are talking about their 12, 16 etc week training plans. (These are people who run regularly, not starting from scratch) so it had me thinking how should I plan via FP for this half?

  4. I have convinced my family to do our(and my) very first race ... a 5 km trail run in the Snowy Mountains in March. Any ideas for training with 2 very fit teenagers (13 and 16) and a previously fit husband, which would be fun, and not lead to too many arguments. I need to modify my own rebuild training plan to prep for this?

  5. I’d love to know your thoughts on focusing on cadence in running. Two physical therapists have encouraged me to try to keep my cadence in 170-180 range to prevent injury. I’m injured and just getting back into running from walking and wondering your thoughts. Thanks.

  6. This is my completely frivolous question. Does MK’s skin care magic include something to combat wind burn when running in cold (but not cold enough for a face cover of some kind)?

  7. Is the time required for Maintain markedly different than lane 2? Mostly wondering about weekdays, not long runs.

  8. I’m an interrupted runner right now. I listened to slow burn podcast and I’m so excited by the idea of it. Will the holiday strength challenge offer a taste of the strength for rebuilding or interrupted runners?

And THIS mask underneath when she runs on super cold or windy days:

49:07 Maintain

SHOUTOUT to Indy Monumental and Elyn!!

  1. I’m looking forward to the Holiday Strength Challenge! If we’re planning on 3DATF is Slow Burn a good life choice, or will it be too much action with not enough recovery before the Ultra ramp?

  2. Loved the podcast about Slow Burn! It sounds like we'd need a track to be snow free or have access to a treadmill to take full advantage of this program, is that right?

  3. I’m getting ready to start week 8 of the Tenacious marathon plan, and am planning to run an EAT. What should I do the following day, do I follow the plan as written?

  4. I’m running Philly, and expect it will take 7+ hours to finish. Is it reasonable to think I’ll be recovered and ready to start Slow Burn in January?

  5. Is it normal that it's hard to find EE pace first or second time out after a race or is something else likely to blame for my off pace/higher HR?

  6. Looking forward to strength this January (my preference but flexible) and just making sure I understand. When we enter the 8 week strength session, do we still pay the 30 dollars to maintain monthly fee too? Or will our subscription pick up automatically when we are finished?

  7. I love maintain so much! I am also pumped for planning session in December since I am not quite sure what I want to do this fall if I don't get into New York. My brother may is probably moving to Cali so I was thinking the CIM? I was also looking at the REVEL BIG BEAR which is through the national forests and looks pretty in November. My main goal is not much different than last year...Number one get to the start line healthy. Number two feel good and negative split or at least save enough to finish strong with a smile on my face. And last but not least, have fun and if all the variables line up, a GREAT DAY! THANKS for loving me!

  8. As weather gets colder and my roads and paths get less reliable, it looks like the treadmill will be my new best friend soon. What tips do you have for treadmill running? I have heard that running at an incline of 1 is best to simulate running outdoors. Or is it better to vary the incline to get some variety for my legs? Also, when I’m running outdoors, my EE pace varies slightly throughout the run based on hills, etc. Would you suggest just setting the TM at my EE pace and forgetting it and not adjusting based on HR throughout? Thank you!!!

  9. Hello Coaches! It has already become pretty cold in Minnesota! Im wondering if you have recommendations for cold running gear (pants, base layer, jackets)? My goal for the winter is get out as much as I can! I am grateful to have a treadmill but I'm hoping to stay on the roads as much as possible! Thanks!

  10. I have a half marathon Thanksgiving morning (that's why we can't go to the in-laws: shhh!). How should I rearrange the workouts that week for a race on Thanksgiving? Planning to just jog it with a bunch of friends.

  11. Could you please explain the difference between tapering for a marathon and tapering for a half marathon. And how important is it to taper before a half marathon? and should you taper the Long runs before a half or not? Thanks

  12. First yeah re the nyc marathon! That was quite a journey to get there! I’m contemplating training for the Atlanta marathon (early March) using your training plan - my only other marathon was about 2 years ago- Big Sur - and finished in five and a half hours - which plan should I use and any other tips? One of the reasons I’m thinking about it is because I am feel strong as a runner thanks to the plans! Last month I did a 10k and my time was so much better than I expected -and I still had energy at the end! Thanks so much!

  13. I’m wanting to experiment with different fueling options for my long runs. I have always used Gu in the past, and I think it works just fine but I’m wanting to try out different ideas. I’m wondering what “real food” options you might suggest, and how in the world do runners really eat while running? I find myself needing to take a walk break to take my Gu and water, then get going again. I’ve heard of PB&J, PB pretzels or homemade rice balls, have you tried any of those? Thank you!

  14. Coach MK- did you get your donuts??

Coach MK and Coach Sarah livestream question and answer sessions each week on the Fitness Protection Program Facebook Page, The Fitness Protection Program YouTube Channel, and Twitch, simultaneously. Join us! They are a lot of fun, super informative, and anyone may ask follow-up questions during the live broadcast!

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