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Nuzzel Outtakes, 5/25/19

So, I have a small online merchandise shop. Sale is today only, May 26th. Use FREESHIP619 for free shipping.


I read. Like, a LOT. Like, A LOT a lot. Anything that excites me, I save to my weekly Nuzzel newsletter, then agonize over which to keep and which to cut since Nuzzel only limits me to 10 articles. Just because I couldn't fit it in doesn't mean it isn't worth reading!

I've been thinking about you all week and hope you enjoy the newsletter as much as I enjoy creating it! If you want a little MOAR, the outtakes are below!


Coach MK


The Nike F*uckery

Nike makes incredible commercials. I love their unwavering support of my hero, Serena. But I don’t buy their products and I’m pretty sure I never will. This has been an open secret for decades. Am glad the public kinda sorta gives a poo.

Not Running

Lance Armstrong has no regrets. Honestly, I’m not surprised. Don’t hate the player hate the rigged game that prosecutes on a super selective basis.

Following a serious accident, this pro athlete is rising from the ashes:

This book is gonna be part of the fall book club Coach Sarah and I will be leading:


I’m sorry, but the name “Integrity Unit” really gives the public the wrong idea. This task force is….UGH.

Trail Running

Outside Magazine published a piece of trash this week. Don’t read it. Just read Canadian Running’s response:

Canadian Running’s response to a click-baity trash article from Outside;

Click-baity and WORTH IT.


Age is nothing but free time since the rest of the world has presumed you’re already at the glue factory.

Mary Cain disappeared. More on that here, gives insight to the business of this sport:


Elite athletes and mental health:

I had nowhere else to put this, but we don’t have good science yet to pick outliers like this poor girl yet:

Everything I know about Fibonacci I learned from MathNet. In my head, a parrot is chanting, “one one two three…”

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