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Nuzzel Outtakes 2/17/19

I read. Like, a LOT. Like, A LOT a lot. Anything that excites me, I save to my weekly Nuzzel newsletter, then agonize over which to keep and which to cut since Nuzzel only limits me to 10 articles. Just because I couldn't fit it in doesn't mean it isn't worth reading!

Generally speaking, I first cut the things I am sure you've seen already (the viral stuff like this story) then I cut the things that are likely too 'niche' for my clients (an article in Citius Magazine about a pro marathoner on balancing training and his new baby would likely be cut; an article in the same publication about a female pro who is pregnant/postpartum and struggles with workouts is much more likely to stay in), then I cut the things that may be too much to digest in one sitting (like this incredible article about Caster Semenya and Dutee Chand) and by the time I've cut the complex stuff that could be so polarizing the point would be missed (like this article about the historic and incredibly important triumph of Patricio Manuel) I have curated the best of everything I've seen all week just for you.

Which is a long way of saying, I've been thinking about you all week and hope you enjoy the newsletter as much as I enjoy creating it! If you want a little MOAR, the outtakes are below!


Coach MK

"Time poverty" is a THING, you guys. I have always chafed at the notion that there TOTALLY ARE enough hours in the day. We don't need more hours we need less anxiety and less pressure.

I love love love this article, we need to talk about failure. As a culture we fear failure because we punish mistakes, we don't turn them into learning moments. We deny failure rather than embrace and discuss the lesson learned. I cut this one because it's from Runner's World and I figured most of you had already seen it.

Yes, alcohol impairs a body, but you know that...right? The number of questions I receive around alcohol consumption and timing always surprises me though, so these articles grab my attention and I share when I read good ones.

Every day is a GOOD DAY for anything out of the mind of Mark Remy. This week, I really really really wanted to escape the news (I was glued to live feeds of negotiations for the #dpsstrike Denver Public Schools teacher strike) so this article was a delight.

I could introduce you to people who only do speed...sigh. Ya'all know how I feel there's no need to beat you over the head with it in my Nuzzel.

As a woman, I'm always aghast, and frankly a little jealous, of people who speak with zero thought of possible consequences, particularly on thorny or polarizing topics. I cannot imagine navigating this world without having to do those complex mental calculations, gaming out responses every single time I open my mouth much less when a CAMERA is in front of it. And this is why I cut the piece, I gamed out the possible responses and said, "nah, no one will read it and see what I see and I am not here to argue about 'acceptable' protests or climate change."

This is an INCREDIBLE accomplishment...and it was cut because all I could focus on was that this trip cost $43,000, a response which is totally unfair to the athlete and her incredible accomplishment.

Purpose-driven everything is all the rage now, so much so that not KNOWING what yours is so you can LIVE it with a capital L 24/7 can make a person insecure. I'm glad Kara found her purpose!

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