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Nuzzel Outtakes, 2/24/19

I read. Like, a LOT. Like, A LOT a lot. Anything that excites me, I save to my weekly Nuzzel newsletter, then agonize over which to keep and which to cut since Nuzzel only limits me to 10 articles. Just because I couldn't fit it in doesn't mean it isn't worth reading!

I've been thinking about you all week and hope you enjoy the newsletter as much as I enjoy creating it! If you want a little MOAR, the outtakes are below!


Coach MK


There are two great profiles of Kikkan Randall this week, I pulled the NYT assuming you'd already seen it, even thought I like it a little more than the SI article I left in the newsletter.

As much as I want to make a joke about trail running being better for your body, my heart just BREAKS for this runner, his family, and trail runners everywhere. Be safe you guys, ice is NO JOKE no matter where you are.

I put this story on my Facebook page, so ultimately decided to pull it from the newsletter. The other two stories you saw on my Facebook page this week, you do NOT want to miss so I left them in.

I'm a special needs mom, and this just crushed and uplifted me. Everyone gets excited to help a special needs parent (until you need something, then it's hard to get anyone's attention) so I loved this fairy-tale story of community wrapping around a runner.

This is how I live and what I promote. I'm always a little surprised it isn't the norm, if you want PRs all the time you gotta train all the time.

I hated cutting this one...I"m a BIG fan of Alexi.

Thanks for playing!

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