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Nuzzel Outtakes, 3/17/19

I read. Like, a LOT. Like, A LOT a lot. Anything that excites me, I save to my weekly Nuzzel newsletter, then agonize over which to keep and which to cut since Nuzzel only limits me to 10 articles. Just because I couldn't fit it in doesn't mean it isn't worth reading!

I've been thinking about you all week and hope you enjoy the newsletter as much as I enjoy creating it! If you want a little MOAR, the outtakes are below!


Coach MK


Stuff I figure You've Already Seen

Everyone loves Deena!!!!!


Stuff I Covered on LiveStreams or YouTube

New Olympic qualifying standards are out. And they are HARD. Many are faster than the national records in competitive countries. Including the US.

And the Diamond League changes don't make sense, either. This article is one of the better explanations why.

Talk of the (Running) Town

Kara Goucher's turn to trails has spawned many thinkpieces. Not all have been kind. This one is. I liked it because the author was struck by the same quote I was: “Since I was 12 years old, I’ve just stared at my watch”, Goucher told Runner’s World. “I’ve always been so obsessed with how fast I was going. But on the trails, it just doesn’t matter.”

Before the new IAAF and USATF qualifications hijacked everything positive in distance running this week, CANADA was the talk of the town. Rachel Cliff smashed the Canadian marathon record and took a flying leap over the new qualifying standard of 2:29:30 by nearly 3 minutes.

Things We Need to Talk About More

The thin line between Dedication and Destruction. Where is it? can you recognize it in yourself? In your kids?

*Nods* HELL YES eat the pizza!

When good ideas become bad cues....


We can talk all day about the skiier girl who made it into the Olympics via a calculated backdoor was a dirty cheater or too smart for her own good, but there is a fine line between dedication and destruction so 'in play' and 'out of bounds' aren't always clear, either. It's easy to look at another person and say, "I would NEVER do that!" but the truth is closer to, "I cannot imagine being in a situation where I'd be incentivized to believe THAT CHOICE would be my best next step." Studies have shown that the higher the perceived stakes for the players involved, the greater the incentive to cheat. Between the college admissions scandal and the new Olympic qualifying times, it feels like an interesting time to look around at other high-stakes areas where cheating occurs.

These guys cheated at bridge:

These guys cheated at Bass Fishing:

Cheating is so rampant at the Iditarod:

Speaking of Iditarod...

This story is AMAZING. The guy in the lead yelled at one of his dogs, and the whole team went on strike!

He tells a different story...but not sure I buy it.

Trail Running

When a client approaches me to train for a 100Miler, I always tell them not to contact me until they have crewed someone else in a 100M situation. Naturally, I LOVED this article. Crewing is important and you cannot take any part of these events seriously or appreciate what's involved until you've helped someone else through it.

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