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Nuzzel Outtakes, 7/14/19

Amelia Boone speaks out about her eating disorder recovery, (WE LOVE YOU AMELIA! We are thrilled that you are following HAES, we are obsessed with that method, and we are rooting for you every day), a domestic abuse survivor runs ALL THE WAY across New Zealand, Katie Arnold continues to be AMAZEBALLS, and Mr. Coach Sarah has a blog!!

The only reason I cut these articles is because they were everywhere and I want to highlight things maybe you didn’t see? IF YOU HAVEN'T YET READ THIS PLEASE DO IT NOW!


TEAR-JERKING. Breathtaking. The race across NZ.

Everything else is good, but only if you have the time!


I truly believe women are conditioned to fawn. We are rewarded for it, and punished if we don't. We are required to 'try to see the other side' each time we are taken advantage of or attacked (or ignored, or neglected...)

Some supplements are bs.

Mark Remy KILLS IT, yet again.

Chicago is COMING!!!

The Business of Running

It is HARD, you guys. When it's your profession...when performance puts food on your's HARD. To say it isn't for everyone is NOT dismissive, it's brave, and HARD to realize it isn't for you and walk away. Kudos.

The transition to coaching isn’t easy, or natural. There aren't many jobs that WILL in fact put food on the table:

USATF is Incompetent (and that affects all pro athletes, SADLY.)

Sometimes, coaches are too. Sometimes, runners are just impatient.

Now everyone wants superlight shoes..but the RACE to make them is on. Sigh.

YAY! New Master's Record!

Trail Running

O, CANADA!!!!!!!!!

Published to my FB Page, ICYMI

BEAR DRIVES CAR. Bear wrecks car, man files insurance complaint. RELEASE THOSE TAPES!

"Wellness" has become code for "diet" and I'm not happy about it.

Because this is almost as useful as telling a woman to 'calm down'.


I like hearing about fatherhood and work. I do.


This is an open invitation to the writer to join The Fitness Protection Program, free for a year.


I love EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS. We specialize in everything way too early.

I can get behind this. Just follow the EXACT DIRECTIONS IN THIS ARTICLE. If you aren't clear on that, ask in #ATC

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