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Running Life with Lindsey Hein!

We are SUPER EXCITED to have our first guest on the show- Lindsey Hein! You have definitely heard of her podcast, “I’ll Have Another With Lindsey Hein”; we loved her recent interview with Courtney Dawalter.

Lindsey says she likes conversations- and she is not kidding! As soon as we started chatting our conversation went ALL OVER the place, from the joy of 4 boys to skincare and back around to the original reason we wanted to talk to her in the first place- body shaming. Big thanks to Karen Schleuter for drawing our attention to that post, you made this all happen!

We hope you enjoy this casual, fun, sprawling conversation with Lindsey Hein and hope you can join us in NYC next month for her live podcast session at New York Road Runner Headquarters the Friday before the marathon.


It was a PLEASURE and a privilege to speak with Lindsey Hein on the Running Life podcast this week! Lindsey is the host of the “I’ll Have Another” podcast AND, more recently, of the Illuminate podcast. She has interviewed, oh, a few people you may have heard of before (most recently Courtney Dauwalter, winner of the 2019 Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc in Chamonix, France). Lindsey is a longtime runner, a mom of four boys under age 7, and a running coach.

She and Coach MK and Coach Sarah had a LOT to talk about, and it began with a story that Lindsey told her audience on social media this past summer. After a tough workout at the track on a hot day (2x800, 1600, 2x800), she said good morning to an older man walking the outer lane, and he responded by telling her that she was getting a belly and recommending that she try doing some crunches. Lindsey, just over a year out from having her fourth baby and feeling QUITE GOOD THANK YOU VERY MUCH about her body, says “I laughed a big hearty laugh and said I have 4 kids, the youngest of which isn’t even one and I told him I am proud of my belly.⁣”

Lindsey’s response was to hand him her phone and ask him to take her photo, and she went home, got her 4 kids breakfasted and bandaided and ready to go to the pool, and then she posted that photo on Facebook.

Many people were horrified at the story that went along with it. The idea that someone had commented on her body like that, recommended she lose 20-25 was infuriating. And, frankly, destabilizing. Someone as fit as Lindsey Hein is getting heckled at the track? What hope is there for the rest of us?

This was the moment that connected us with Lindsey for the first time (and thank you Karen Schlueter for making that happen!) and this is where the conversation really begins.

Coach MK and Coach Sarah have talked about body image through a number of different cultural artifacts over the past several months: Beyonce’s 22 Days video, the return of The Biggest Loser, the cultural response to Brittany Runs A Marathon. We were really inspired by Lindsey’s perspective on this moment and what she found in herself when confronted with the judgment of a total stranger, and we LOVED talking with her about her relationship to running and her body, as well as her podcast, her audience, and her image.

We also talked skin care and self care and apologizing less and running out of fucks to give - aging is amazing, y’all. And, finally, we all squeal with excitement about Lindsey and MK both getting ready to run the NYC marathon together - it will be Lindsey’s first New York, and both MK and Sarah take a second to wax poetic about their favorite parts of the course.

And speaking of marathons, don’t miss the moment early on when Lindsey mentions (offhandedly) that she did no speedwork when she was training for Boston this year.

If you are going to be in New York City for marathon weekend, do NOT miss Lindsey’s live episode of I’ll Have Another with Roberta Groner, Sara Hall and Kellyn Taylor!!

(totally non-affiliate) Skincare Links from Coach MK:

I purchased this face wash, used it twice and it did make my skin glow, but it also broke me out. I've always had acne-prone skin so I wrote it off as not being able to have nice things. I mean, I run every day and wear sunscreen; more is not worth the effort if I'm just gonna head outside again, right?

Recovering from surgery with no tv, I searched for JVN on Youtube, and got this video:

and I was like OH MY GOD a double cleanse whaaaaat? and I went to my bathroom and started reading labels then was like, "I NEED A WATER-BASED CLEANSER!" and ended up on and bought this cleanser and this toner and this toner (because I couldn't decide, figured I'd try and return the other one) and they were like WOW so I kept both....within a week I had zero acne. The oil-based face wash is magic if you use it the way it was intended- by following it with a water-based cleanser.

How I went from a double cleanse to a whole morning AND NIGHTTIME routine that consists of completely different products will be the subject of a future podcast!!!!!

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