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Running Through Uncertainty and Lovey Oliff!

#AskAway 3/29/20

Coach MK livestreams question and answer sessions each week on the Fitness Protection Program Facebook Page, The Fitness Protection Program YouTube Channel, and Twitch, simultaneously. Join us! They are a lot of fun, super informative, and anyone may ask follow-up questions during the live broadcast!

This week, we meet Fitness Protection's newest hire- Lovey Roundtree Oliff! Lovey is terrific and we are certain you will adore her! She will be demoing strength each day in ReBuild's Facebook Group.

Then, we get an update from #LockedInLisa before we attack questions about engaging kids in exercise with no teams or games on the horizon, developing new routines, and managing all of the at-home workout chatter on social media.

Hello! Locked-in Lisa checking back in here. Thank you for taking my question! I wanted to respond to some of the comments from last week, since you all think I am slightly deranged.

All of my friends did tell me to kick him out, so please don’t slander them!! But he is a nice person, and works 150 miles away five days a week, and is likely going to change careers in the next few months and this will take him far away. The rental laws are so weird here that he would have had to sign a lease for 18 months. So I thought I was making, if not a GREAT decision, not the stupidest decision ever. And honestly, I am thrilled to not be paying the entirety of the rent and the winter heating bills right now; I will very likely lose my job in May.

I had a twist in store for you all this week, but then life made other plans and a new twist arose; I started showing COVID-19 symptoms 10 days ago (anosmia, which is the inability to smell). Six days ago, this was identified as a symptom, and I got tested on Thursday. Since being identified as possibly having the virus, I have been completely isolated by law, and me “roommate” has been a huge help; we live in a building were we are the youngest folks by a couple of decades, and I don't want to touch anything in the common areas and put anyone else in danger. I am waiting on the results now.

Our apartment isn’t EXACTLY a one bedroom, we do have a dining room and an office as well, and we’ve spent the last week moving furniture around to make the place more habitable for both of us. We have a large balcony, and the weather seems like it’s thinking about getting warmer, so it’s not so bad.

I wanted to thank you all for the time you put in to talking about this. I know that I am very lucky; I am in no physical danger with my ex, as I know a lot of women are, but I think that this is a REALLY important subject to keep talking about.

Oh, and just in case you were wondering, we are a legit Taylor Swift song. We are never ever everrrrr getting back together. But that doesn’t mean that we cannot be friends and even be partners through this very difficult time. I’ll check back in next week, if you all want me to!

Weekly Wins

  • Daniel Faltyn - i did it!!! Scranton Half was cxld but I did it anyway around NYC!!! Thank you for all the love and support!!!

  • Alicia Budd - has been getting some really consistent runs in, and has had great support from her husband who is manning the home front and homeschooling while she still goes into work

  • Emily Sorensen got a promotion at work

  • Ann Rich also got a promotion at work

  • Jennifer Sutton is enjoying the balance of having a plan without pressure - it’s giving her the opportunity to do some experimenting with her running to see what feels best

  • Kelly Hoffheins ran a virtual 10k today and PR’d by over a minute! She said “ I felt really strong despite about 150ft more elevation compared to my other 10ks” WAY TO GO, KELLY! Kelly just completed our Slow Burn strength program.


  • first...thank you for being a calm (yep, I said it) and safe place for so many of us. Life is hard, Covid is making life harder, and listening to you is the one place that I feel 100% validated that I am doing the best I can. I mentioned a couple of months ago that I have been living the runner-interrupted life while I mommed and bossed to the best of my ability. Since then, my son was diagnosed as being on the spectrum, in addition to ADHD, and my husband has needed to step out of our lives. This is a good thing (emotional stability is needed right now and he can't deliver that, and then some). I will be working in Lane 1 of Rebuild beginning April, and its going to be slow going - from a building routine and strength back. Its been a solid six months since I've run 3-5x per week. My question is... I have SSSC workouts from long ago heartrate 101, should I do those or whatever the strength series is for April. I'm also back on the bosu for around the worlds and extra stability work. Again...thank you for having the tether to keep me tied to my identity as a runner, validation of my badassery and being a wonderful, thoughtful human being.

  • What tips are there for managing the huge onslaught of exercise videos on social media? I'm doing my best to ignore them, scroll past them, but good grief, every person I know is sharing their online options since they can't go to the gym. "Do my workout! See 10, do 10!" (stupid push up challenge), trainers sharing their meal tips, their at home workouts, etc. etc. It's almost impossible to feel like you aren't doing enough even though I know I am with the ReBuild program. It's that nagging voice in my head saying "but you're at home all day, add more!" How do I put duct tape over that voice's mouth?


  • Alex Hutchison just wrote an article stating that warm-ups don’t matter. Do we still need to do Silly Toes?

  • I am planning to use the Tenacious AF plan for my marathon that is tentatively still scheduled for June 7th in Seattle. I may not be reading the plan correctly but what does the heart rate looking line suggest/mean? 60 minutes of _______? I'm reading cardio maximization for Mondays and Wednesdays …. Part of me was on the fence about even starting to ramp up training (I've been doing maintain for a couple of months) due to the charming COVID-19 but my best running buddy, who isn't running as far these days, reminded me that I could do a virtual one around our home town~~~the most brilliant and obvious idea! 🙂 So, I think i'm ready to do it~~~~ hacking it alone will be a challenge in and of itself!

  • Hi Coach, I am struggling to build a new routine with running now that I am working from home. I am excited about all the new opportunities to run at different times of the day, but I’m missing all of my usual cues that trigger me to run. Any suggestions on how to set up a routine that works?

  • Thanks for the long run advice a few weeks ago, it really helped! I’ve been starting out very slowly and figuring that I am warming up for at least the first mile—so the numbers there don’t matter. I am also making sure I am hydrated. Today’s run was especially great, thank you!

  • Erin Nason here! My 25k trail race for Saturday, April 4 was postponed until November. However, I still want to run/race the distance this Saturday. I'll be doing it on the road/sidewalks as all of the trails around here have been closed. I mainly want to know how to adjust the heartrate race plan from a half to a 25k (let's just call it 16 miles!). I'm not going for a time, but I do want to run harder than EE. Thoughts? Thanks you so much for all that the whole team is doing. It does not go unnoticed. It sure has helped this momma out!

  • My kids are kinda lost- they won’t exercise. No sports, no teams no friends- I can’t get them to get out the door! Any suggestions?

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