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Seriously, it's Nature's EPO!

Sleep is important, yet we never seem to get enough of it. Whether you have trouble falling asleep or have so much to do sleep never happens when you need it to, your reasons are VALID. Willpower is bollocks, not just with diets, and we live in a culture that glorifies executives and athletes who can do the most on the least fuel, with the least help, and with the least sleep. 

This week, the coaches are recovering from the sleep they skipped at She Podcasts #SPL19, so they discuss the importance of 'sleep hygiene', the nighttime rituals that help quiet their brains so their bodies can rest as well as the recent headlines about the NBA's sleep deprivation issue and wonder if the restless weeks of new parenthood will ever be considered a national crisis.

Show Notes

You’re going to see a whole lot of memes coming your way in these next few months. Memes that make light of compulsive eating, memes that imply that candy is somehow something that people need to DETOX from.

Coach MK wants you to KNOW: that’s not what detox is. When you joke about detox, at least in this community, I promise you we have parents with intimate experience with detox as relates to opioids and their children. So, let’s just not. Okay? It’s one thing to call it a Halloween hangover, detox though….not in this day and age. It’s like dressing your kid like Princess Jasmine. (FYI, don’t dress your kid like Princess Jasmine, or if you must- skip the wig)

SO now that we’ve made sure you know we are going to RUIN EVERYTHING in our new series Lighten Up, let’s actually turn to something DEEP today….SLEEP!

When Coach MK's brain won't settle down on its own, she will turn on certain podcasts:

I probably listen to each of these at least once per week!

Coach MK's "Night Face"

  • oil cleanse

  • water based foam cleanse

  • toner

  • emulsion

  • serum

  • retinol

  • collagen

  • moisturizer

  • eye cream


“Unlike people who can stay on a daily schedule for the most part around their shifts, NBA players can’t stick to a regimented daily schedule due to vastly different tip-off times. Going across time zones constantly makes it even worse.”

ESPN called it the Dirty Little Secret that everybody knows about:

“Royer was not a peer-reviewed scientist, was not engaging in rigorous, double-blind studies. He had not set out to study sleep deprivation and its physiological impacts. But what he'd seen had given him pause. He had begun to consider the NBA grind a form of shift work -- but well beyond employees working a graveyard shift several days a week.”

“The first signs of sleep deprivation are unpleasant feelings of fatigue, irritability, and difficulties concentrating. Then come problems with reading and speaking clearly, poor judgment, lower body temperature, and a considerable increase in appetite. If the deprivation continues, the worsening effects include disorientation, visual misperceptions, apathy, severe lethargy, and social withdrawal. “

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