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Strength Challenge, The Fair, Mobility, and Trots!

#AskAway with Coach MK: 11/24/19

Coach MK and Coach Sarah livestream question and answer sessions each week on the Fitness Protection Program Facebook Page, The Fitness Protection Program YouTube Channel, and Twitch, simultaneously. Join us! They are a lot of fun, super informative, and anyone may ask follow-up questions during the live broadcast!

This week, Coach MK starts with shout-outs for all the Turkey Trotters before taking on questions about The Holiday Strength Challenge, Three Days at the Fair, Crucial Adaptations, and how long before "time off' becomes 'starting over'.


  • Kaitlin Meisler ran a half marathon today

  • Ani Ross Grubb ran a turkey trot yesterday!

  1. Tell me all the things about Holiday Strength! I’m really excited! Can you tell!

  2. I should have been paying better attention when you answered plantar fasciitis questions before. It came up for me during work travel and couldn’t find a foam roller, so I didn’t run for 5 days. Since coming home I’ve been doing the shin & calf foam roll moves a few times a day. Using the therapists thumb for a little extra, and trying not to take a bunch of ibuprofen. I did a 30 min walk today followed by some foam rolling. Is run/walk a good idea while having PF? I don’t have a PT on my care team yet, when do I know I need to stop at-home rehab attempts and get PT attention?

  3. How fast do tendons and ligaments lose their crucial adaptations and how long do they take to build back up? I'm just wondering if a month away from running equals a month in ReBuild? I kept up my fitness with cross training while I wasn't running and am making sure I take it slowly so I don't get injured, just wondering if there were any general guidelines about moving from ReBuild into Maintain after time off?

  4. This week absolutely was a scratch. I have been in lane 2 and planning to go to maintain next month. I’ve been doing ok this month up u til now, feeling strong and comfortable with the lane 2 work. I have a race on the calendar for the first of March (Atlanta). Should I consider taking another month in lane 2 or move over even though this week was basically a complete loss?

  5. Do you have any suggestions for improving whole body mobility? I’m feel like chasing the constantly moving injury and while previous pt have focused on strengthening and it helps in the short term the same injuries keep reoccurring. My new pt feels like spinal mobility is a major reason why these keep happening. I’m thinking that working on lower body mobility would probably help but I’m not sure where to start.


  • Emily Sorenson ran Philly today!!!!!! Hard fought in terrible weather! Wore her 6>4 shirt and was the VERY LAST FINISHER

  • Trisha Thorme and Laura Zale ran Philly Half yesterday,

  • Lana Nelson ran Route 66 today, Jackie Kearns ran the Fall Classic half marathon

  1. No question but I just wanted to thank you so much for recommending a pelvic floor PT for stress incontinence. My doctor recommended surgery. I went for the pre-surgical test but asked about alternatives. He said I could try PT and recommended an provider. She is great! I’ve been going once a week and I am so much better. I’m down to every other week now and getting better all the time. Thank you so much.

  2. Still not running! I've been seeing a PT for what she's calling a hamstring strain. But I'm hoping to get back to running in a few weeks. By then it will be about 5-6 weeks off. Before then I'd done Maintain for 17 weeks (although I will admit that I skipped/shortened the long run more often than I should have). My question is: when I get back into running, should I start again in Rebuild? I'm assuming that's the way to go. And how many weeks in Rebuild? Would love your advice on what I should do for the next month or so of getting back into it. Thank you!

  3. Hello, beautiful coaches! Any advice for choosing marathon pace? I have the strength run coming up. I had planned to run the actual race with heart rate as my guide, but my watch hasn’t been super reliable and I think I may have to use other factors to guide me come race day. Thank you!

  4. I am doing the Tenacious AF ramp up for the Disney Marathon. The majority of my runs have had to be done on the treadmill because of schedules and childcare. I put the incline at either .5 or 1. I have even done higher and used negative inclines on days that the plan has hills in the run. Do I need to be concerned about being ready for my marathon because I am not sure when our family schedules will improve to do more runs outside?

  5. Hey coaches! This is probably a segue for the goal setting session. But if I sign up for slow burn first round... and want to run a fun 1/2 with my BRF (likely to be slow around 2:45-3) the last weekend in March? Any issues? Thanks again!

  6. When do we start training for 3 Days at the Fair? I don't want the race to fill without me!

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Coach MK Fleming is the founder of Fitness Protection, LLC where she trains her runners for $30 per month and gives marathon plans away for free.

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