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Weight Loss, Meyer Lemons, and Winning at Chemo

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This week, the coaches speak with Brenda Haskill, a runner with a LOT of life happening at the moment! She tells us what we aren't missing if we aren't running this month and how Fitness Protection has helped her get through it all before we tackle questions about weight loss, strength training, and chasing BIG GOALS while managing big responsibilities.

First, Coach MK laments the number of times she's watched Frozen II since 4baby had her tonsils out, and tells us what Apple TV suggested she watch next! Coach Sarah tells us how she spent a surprise date night, then tells us which movies she is excited about in the coming weeks!

Brenda starts at the 10:36 mark

Runner, Interrupted win 1 25:05: Coach MK’s Meyer lemon text inspired me to get some and treat myself to some delicious water. I also started doing some strength work again! I am a SELF! Full disclosure: I also took a nap today. Taking care of sick grumpy people all week is A LOT.

win 2 27:55: This is my last day with the cancer tumor in my body! So I feel like I am winning! My surgery is tomorrow from 12-6 Pacific Time - so if you feel like sending good vibes my way during that time I wouldn't turn them away. I will be in the hospital for a week so I have stacked up the best movies of the 80s to pass the time. This weekend I am binge watching Hallmark Mystery Channel, which is always a win.

ReBuild q1 31:54- Is it a good idea to do both Rebuild and Maintain strength? Rebuild is mostly about recruiting muscles - will I be able to perform the maintain work?

Three Days at the Fair Promo 36:30

Maintain q1 44:00- What if I really DO want to lose weight? I’ve thought long and hard about it, and I believe that, for me, losing some of the extra weight I’m carrying IS an act of self love. My body feels better and moves better when I weigh about 20 lbs less than what I weigh right now. I got here because of stress and lack of taking care of myself. Right now, to me, taking care of myself feels like it should be about carefully and intentionally getting some of this weight off. But... it feels like everyone around me is saying that self care would be not worrying about my weight. What does it look like to want to lose weight not out of self abuse but out of self care?

q2 49:28- Hi coaches. I am coming to the end of Slow Burn. I have enjoyed it but am glad it’s nearly over. It feels like the pre taper of a training cycle right now. It was good to hear from the Zoom that everyone else feels like this too. But I do feel really strong. Anyway my question is about my next best step. I am doing my first Ultra in early July. It’s a trail 50k. I am now increasing my trail ‘runs’ although it’s so hilly here that there’s much less running. Where I will do my 50k is much flatter. I have booked a trail running course for early April so I can upskill in the practicalities ( I am really looking forward to this even though it’s RIGHT out of my comfort zone, so much imposter syndrome about being a runner) I don’t know what I should do about a plan. Should I jump back into Maintain taking it easy for the first week or so? Then follow the Tenacious plan ? Or will there be a 50k specific plan for TDATF that I could use? When should I start to ramp up the miles? Thank you so much. It’s great to be #coachedandloved. Oh yes, andI want me some MOAARR Bosu x Karen S

q3 53:15- Coach MK, I am frustrated. My baby is now a toddler and I really want to train for a marathon this year, or a fast half. I discussed this with my spouse, who promised to be supportive. It’s almost March and I don’t feel supported at all. I’m still doing everything for the kids, and when I ask for help I get heavy sighs and passive-aggressive pushback. Last week she told me that she still has goals and it’s not fair to ask her to forget them. I don’t know what to do, Should I give up on a race this year?

Follow-Up Questions, Live q1 59:04 q2 59:20

MK Fleming is the founder of Fitness Protection, LLC and Sarah Axelrod leads Fitness Protection's #CoachedandLoved Community. Try our accessible, affordable monthly running plans at!

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