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Announcements: 4/6/18

Hi guys!

Been a little busy, sorry to be out of touch (in fairness, I DID start warning you as early as November that this was a very difficult pregnancy and sitting up was nearly impossible, hence my limited forays into Training Peaks).  

I had the baby, was fine for 5 weeks....then I separated my left shoulder.  This was more painful than childbirth (they give you drugs for childbirth!!!)

For those of you who are waiting on updates from me, I'm nothing but embarrassed and sorry.  The shoulder thing threw me, and persisted much longer than I expected.  It's functional now but I still can't feel my thumb (I had no feeling in my arm or hand for awhile), so am slowly starting to pick things back up again.  If you haven't updated me lately on what you are doing, PLEASE DO SO ASAP so when I sit down this weekend to work in TP I have what I need to get you what you need.

Important Announcements and Changes from Life Time Run

While I was away, Life Time reorganized its fitness programs, and Run was moved from "events" to "group fitness".  This effectively means that Run is now under new management, who made several key changes during my maternity leave.  Here are the changes that will impact you directly:

1. Pricing has changed - Prices had not risen in a decade, so they have been adjusted.  The 20-week run plans are now $200 instead of $139.  The final decision was not in my hands.  I also wasn't privvy to the discussion regarding price hikes on group training.  I can understand if this is upsetting, just know that I"m not the decision maker and you should feel free to give our corporate office any feedback you have.  New link to purchase is here:

2. Training Peaks will change - Up until now, Life Time has been providing many of you with Premium accounts.  As of May 1, they will no longer absorb this cost.  Without a premium account, the system will not email your training results to me.  If you want things to continue as they are, you will need to sign up for a premium Training Peaks account before May 1. You can click here to do so, they are a little over $100 per year.  (No, I do not have a discount code).

3. Group Training - This is a hard one.  I'm not sure what I will do in the fall yet.   My kids are getting older and they want to do things, and frankly I want to be with them; the commute is really hard since I live an hour + in rush hour traffic from Centennial.  Coach Kari has been doing a terrific job, I hear, and I'm still a runner so either way you will definitely see me on Saturday mornings once my shoulder and joints have healed enough that I can run again.  

That's all for now.   You are still #coachedandloved, and will always be welcome if you have questions. 



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