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Frozen Diapers and Gentle Reminders

I'm not getting less pregnant.  

Due Feb 6th.  Last 3 babies came at 38.5 weeks, so I could go anytime after 1/26.  The holidays are coming up, I'm busy, you're busy....and I'm pregnant.  I get pregnant-er with each passing day. IT WOULD BE A VERY, VERY GOOD IDEA TO LOOK AHEAD, SEE WHEN YOUR PLAN RUNS OUT, AND RENEW AHEAD OF TIME.  LIKE 2-3 MONTHS AHEAD OF TIME. LIKE NOW, IF YOUR PLAN EXPIRES BEFORE APRIL 1.  I'm not sure what my maternity leave is going to look like yet.  It really depends on how the birth goes, but that's impossible to predict.  Frankly, it likely won't be terribly much or terribly long, but frankly Imma have a newborn and will be sleep deprived from end of January until the end of March.  Because I'm me and scars from investment banking don't disappear, I will probably still be on my Blackberry and up in my email, but I cannot promise anything regarding my turnaround.   I also don't expect to be able to sit upright and work at my computer for a few weeks, if you're not sure why ask your Mama or your GP about where babies come from and why that could affect my ability to sit and work at my computer.  (remember, the TP app is useful for everything BUT building out new plans on my end).   Meaning, we need to get your TP filled out as much as possible from now until end of March.

At the moment, I have time.  And Saturdays.  And fingers not too puffy to type.  And an SI joint that allows me to sit upright for 3-4 hours per day.  All of this will be decreasing as time passes.  

For my 1:1 clients, I STRONGLY recommend purchasing 3-4 months at once if you are able to do so.  I will do my best to ensure this transition is seamless for you, but do expect a 3-week period where I'm not responding daily.  

For my Run Plan clients, I will respond to your workouts when I am able, but you are not on a plan with guaranteed daily responses so trust that I'm watching as always and will respond when you need it most and when I am able.  The further ahead we can plan, the better.  

You are coached and loved, even when I'm sitting on top of a frozen diaper trying to manage swelling in an uncomfortable place with my Blackberry in the other room. 

If you are NOT currently sitting on a frozen diaper, celebrate your life choices and renew your plan, please.  ;-)

xoxoxooxxoo MK

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