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Holiday Dinner Party Etiquette

Mrs. Alexander Carlson Fleming, of the Telluride Flemings, aka, "Coach MK", is a run coach not a life coach, but she loves sharing her hard-won knowledge and the best rules for navigating this game called LIFE she happened to learn in charm school.

Rule #1: Know Your Place- you will be treated like a child until you are THE oldest person in the room.

Rule #2: Don't be Tacky- Don't draw attention to yourself, be pleasant, speak when spoken to and do NOT raise your voice.

Rule #3: Don't Make a Scene- everyone RESPECTS your humanity- we just don't know what that IS. You are FAMILY. We want you to have a voice, we just don't want you to USE it. Especially if you are going to talk about your humanity and make a scene. We also spell Christmas with a capital CHRIST around here! Always have! Why do you have to RUIN the holiday by calling out our bs???

Those are the rules. They aren't changing anytime soon. They are cruel and can feel unfair and stifling. No one is going to change because you ask them to, that's not how the game works.

Coach MK knows your humanity is NOT a game and should never be the butt of a joke. She also happens to know this game your family insists on playing inside out. This holiday season, she's going to show you how to use those rules to your advantage. She's going to teach you how to play to WIN.

And if we raise $8,000, she will do it all in full hair, makeup and hoop skirts. Every day. All the way to 2020. The fun starts on Black Friday!

The holiday strength challenge is free to the public, but only donors are eligible for prize drawings. Pony up, you guys. It's for the kids!

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