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Holiday Strength Challenge!

Hey! It’s Coach MK. I KNOW how much strength can be required to survive the holiday season, and I wanna help you prepare. The holiday strength challenge is all about making sure you have the strength and skills you are gonna need to get through the holidays. Fitness Protection has designed a COMPLETE program for you, complete with external prompts and games that will make you laugh, a private, safe space filled with validation and support when you need to cry, permission to run OUT the door when necessary, and GLITTER! So much flippin’ glitter.

In order to do my job, and TRULY GET YOU READY, I need to know what’s coming- what burdens you are carrying, which parts of you feel overlooked amidst the blinding glare of gaslights, the awkward conversations you cannot avoid with people who purport to love you but don’t seem to know much about you. I want to create space for grief and loss and recovery and….all the complexities of family and body image and food.

The best part about owning my own business is that I can do ANYTHING I want, that no one can tell me, “no” or, “that’s TOO MUCH” or say silly things like "YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS".

I tell you that to tell you this: I am out-MK-ing myself. The exercises and livestreams are going to be next level ABSURD, because ‘balance’.

So here’s your call to action: email and tell me, Coach MK, which awkward holiday conversations you are totally not looking forward to! Then make sure you are following Fitness Protection Program on Facebook, the absurdity will be public. The rest though….the really GOOD STUFF….you’re gonna have to join the challenge. Make sure you tell EVERYONE we have amazing things to give away, including a mini-indoor stairmill, a big-ass box of candy, and all 30 steps of Coach MK’s skincare routine.

This year, we will be supporting two charities that have been hit hard by federal grant cuts this year: The Blue Bench, which provides services to survivors of sexual assault, and Play University, the nonprofit arm of an afterschool program in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. You’ll learn more about them, later.

The absurdity begins once I’ve recovered from the NYC marathon. Peak MK doesn’t happen that do NOT Want to miss this! Keep your eye on your inbox the second week of November!

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