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MUST-READS! (Princess Meghan and JRo!)

First: our very own JRO in Runner's World!!!!!  No one knows mental toughness like this guy.  Excited for you, Dr. Ross!!!!

Deep thought for this week: be thankful that you aren't a princess.  What would you give up for love? I COULD NOT give up marathons. I'm working on a long piece about that fuzzy term 'natural talent' as applied to athletic ability or 'promise'.  This article hits me in all the feels and each time I read it, I spin out for a different reason.

Note: I read a LOT.  Like, a lot lot.  Mostly obscure articles, out of print books, and message boards about running. #obsessed  I am *thinking* of starting a Nuzzle newsletter to share only the salient/cool/pertinent things I like, let me know if you would be interested.  

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