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Play University Founder Tiff McDuffie

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Tiff McDuffie, CPA, is the charismatic founder of both Purposeful Play and its charitable arm, Play University. Fitness Protection is proud to support the work Tiffany is doing in Milwaukee, WI and could not be more excited for Play University to be one of the two nonprofits that will benefit from our Holiday Strength Challenge Fundraiser!

Tiffany tells us: "Purposeful PLAY is a trauma informed, sports- based, youth development organization that uses the power of play and athletics to teach social emotional, character development, and mindfulness skills to youth 5-13 afterschool and on days out of school. Purposeful Play aims to level the PLAYing field and eliminate the pay-to-play culture that is plaguing the nation so that all children have safe access to recreation and physical literacy. We've proven that this process helps them to be better people on the court, in their classrooms, and in their communities."

Click here to learn more about the Challenge. If you choose not to join, we hope you will still choose to support Play University with a donation. Don't forget to ask your employer if they will match your charitable gifts!

The Holiday Strength Challenge is our annual fundraising drive. Employees of Fitness Protection, LLC volunteer their time and energy over 6 weeks, helping participants lay a foundation for fitness and self-advocacy habits that can extend past the challenge end date.

Participation is free; to qualify for drawings and prizes please donate $45 to Play University or The Blue Bench, and forward your receipt to

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