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Podcast and TV Recommendations

I am obsessed with Science Fiction; have tried not to make this too Sci-Fi heavy.  I have also tried to pick things you may not have heard of.  For example, you know Stranger Things and The Crown.   #yourewelcome Podcasts I have binged while completely ignoring my family in totally inappropriate ways Bundyville (I binged this in Lake Louise during my 40th birthday getaway with my husband #notashamed) Alba Salix (Imagine Monty Python as doctors trying to talk common sense into their patients.  Binged in Keystone while on bedrest)

Limetown (season 2 coming on Halloween!!!! I missed 2016 Thanksgiving lunch for this.  Dinner, too.) Wolf 359 (Abhi may be the only person on this list that would like this one #sciFiRules) Dirty John (OMG THE MOTHER.  My criticism of the podcast is that the journalist did not try hard enough to make us understand her. But OMG THE MOTHER; this is riveting despite continually screaming, WHAT THE FUKKKK ARE YOU DOING????????. Binged the night before, then during the morning of, The Everything Party.  Those wires weren't connected to my EMS machine and I didn't need the shoulder brace, my ipod was in there.  Sorry guys.) Still Processing (This comes out every Thursday, and I listen right away.  Speaking of female victims, start with the Whitney Houston episode.  Binged all the way to Coeur d'Alene and back, 25 episodes in 14 hours)  Make Spedi Famous Again  I'm serious- this is good.  They are self-aware and it is AMAZING.  Empire On Blood (my dad is a civil rights litigator with a focus on police brutality, so I am a sucker for stories of the wrongfully accused.  Been listening to this when my husband makes me go to church; see earlier note about my arm brace and EMS machine)

New Additions: Who the Hell is Hamish?, The Dropout, Broken Harts, Till Death Do Us Part, Dr. Death, and MY PODCAST NATCH!

TV/Netflix Waco Yellowstone Wild, Wild Country Evil Genius Narcos The Wire (this NEVER gets old) The 4400 Altered Carbon American Crime Story BoJack Horseman

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