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Smoke and Smiles and #weloveDove

Smoke from wildfires is dangerous to runners

Lots of tears out there today.  So many tears. *sigh*

If you are crying because you are actually choking on smoke from the wildfires in Canada and elsewhere, know this: wildfires have always happened.  Some would argue that fires today are no worse than they have ever been.  *shrug* I have no idea if that is true, I've learned not to argue with my husband, his dad, my dad, farmers, doctors, scientists, or people who say they work in the medical industry (which means they do billing not science but that conversation is going NOWHERE).  

HERE IS WHAT I DO KNOW: Smoke inhalation is dangerous.  If you have the option to run indoors, EXERCISE THAT OPTION, YO. Treadmills are not dangerous.  Smoke is.  You can't run a sold race if you have COPD, even if you are DETERMINED to get into the Guinness Book of World Records for running a marathon while pushing an oxygen tank. 

If you'd rather cry some happy tears, read this:

Seriously, if that link above doesn't make you believe DEEPLY in the beauty that is possible in this world, you need more than a session with JRo.  Because you are broken.

Need a story with a happy ending?  Here is one, and there are even BABY PHOTOS in there!  Sophia is THE cutest.  #welovedove #bradisprettyeffingfantastic

Some struggles are unavoidable, others are totally unnecessary.  Don't make life harder than it has to be, running in smoke is NOT hypoxic training, it is plumb stooopid.  You wanna think you're smarter than my cousin Bubba, you need to act like it.  IT ISN'T HARD TO DO.

Thoughts and prayers for the family of Mollie Tibbetts.  #milesforMollie


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