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TLDR; Urgent Air Quality Warning

Updated: Nov 8, 2019

Runners need to care about Air Quality

TLDR is internet slang for "Too Long Don't Read" and is basically a writer saying, "SIGH. I KNOW YOU AINT READ THIS BUT I WRITE ANYWAY".  This is used for anything longer than a Tweet.  I've just started using Twitter, I still hate it, and pretty much only follow people who are sharing research links I'd want my Nuzzel to capture, but I feel like I 'get' it now.  No wonder everyone on Twitter is pissed, 140 characters isn't enough to give nuance to anything.

You are coached.  You are loved.  You are paying me to be in here, if you want to throw away your cash money that is on you, not me.  YAY FOR GOOD DECISIONS!

So here we go: TLDR, ya'all. Tweet-length Version: Ozone is pollution. Stay indoors if you can, you guys.  This is serious.

MK-Sized Version Denver has issued an ozone warning, with signs on the highway telling people to exercise inside.  It's bad here but way worse in Golden, the Foothills and the mountains.  When I say it's bad, I mean I walked my kid to school this morning and had to stop during that 0.33 mile walk to catch my breath.  My kids don't usually get seasonal allergies, but all of us have runny eyes and noses today.  When I try to inhale, my lungs won't fully expand, because they are trying to protect themselves.  The air is so bad, my body is so oxygen-deprived, my heart rate was in the high 120s on that walk.  That scares me.  That said, this isn't the worst ever or the first time it has happened, which is why I've written about it before (see below).  Usually this means, "air is bad and your run won't feel good".   Today is different.  My daughter's school will have recess indoors today.  If my kids were playing *real* sports, I would be pulling them from practices and matches this weekend.  Not kidding. We've even changed our weekend plans around. It's bad out there and it's worse at night.  The best time of the day to run is a brief window from 5am-8am.  Below is an old but still relevant email I wrote about ozone.  Here is an even older, but still relevant link from Denver Public Radio that summarizes what ozone is and why you should really give a sh*t.   Please arrange your schedule to run indoors, or at least to run in this morning window when ozone is lowest.  Just not worth the damage you are doing to your body, otherwise. I will send a separate email with podcast and tv show recommendations to get you through a long run on a treadmill.  #coachedandloved

Coach MK Fleming is the founder of Fitness Protection, LLC where she coaches all kinds of runners for $30 per month and gives marathon plans away for free. Click here to download her Marathon Selection Guide!

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