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MK Fleming is a run coach who understands we are never really talking about running. Here in the blog, she talks about where diet culture and running intersect and the pressures we face as parents, professionals, runners, and overachievers as we run through life, together.

The ReBuild Opportunity

ReBuilders have an amazing opportunity right now; it may not come around again for awhile.

The Hard Stuff

Coach MK is here for the hard stuff.

Loud Winter

Wracked with grief, Coach MK reflects on whether things are changing.

The Danger of a Single Data Point

We may not be elite, but we ALL need good guidance. Where do we go for guidance, and how do we know if it's good? We ask a PT!

Fear, Cutbacks, and WEBINARS!

This week, the coaches tackle fear of failure, when to cut down long runs, and our goal-setting WEBINAR on Dec 6!

Lighten Up! Thanksgiving

Nothing brings out guilt and shame more than a holiday designed to force you to perform GRATITUDE!

Hot Buttered Cider

A sweet story, and even sweeter recipe, from Mr. MK.

Shady Bitch Lesson 5

Mints are weapons of war, and Southern Belles never leave home without 'em.

A Seat At The Table

Coach MK's take on what this week's news REALLY says.

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