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MK Fleming is a run coach who understands we are never really talking about running. Here in the blog, she talks about where diet culture and running intersect and the pressures we face as parents, professionals, runners, and overachievers as we run through life, together.

2/28/20: I Got It

Today's Mantra was brought to you by LEXAPRO!

I'm Still Me, Just MOAR Me!

Coach Sarah talks with Kade and Isaac about the role of running as a non-gendered space to be in their bodies and be truly themselves.

2/18/20: NO. Just...NO.

If you are on Instagram, check out @coachmkfleming on IGTV. On Valentine’s Day I shared a video of a cognitive behavior therapy exercise,...

Lighten Up! Valentine's Day

We can’t love other people until we truly love ourselves, but how do we DO THAT exactly? We bring in THE BIG GUNS, Jummy and Dalia to help!

Every Day Is A PR

In Runner Interrupted, we are here to mat-talk you through whatEVER it is that's keeping you from doing the thing that you love!

2/4/20: Where You BEEN?

I had to hit pause. I had to stop. In order to do that, I had to admit I was overloaded, that I said yes when I should have said no.

Just January

Let's Make January Boring Again.

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