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MK Fleming is a run coach who understands we are never really talking about running. Here in the blog, she talks about where diet culture and running intersect and the pressures we face as parents, professionals, runners, and overachievers as we run through life, together.

Why Train When You Can Maintain?

In Maintain you will have ALL the options: ramp up to run a marathon in 10 weeks, or ramp down when your badassery is needed elsewhere.

Another Message for #RMRR

Another message from Coach MK to the Executive Committee of the Rocky Mountain Rugby Union. Coaching is the art of taking best practices...

9/26/19: Imma Eat that UP!

Coach MK tells you exactly why she is committed to calling out problematic storylines in pop culture- the reason will surprise you.

Join the Runner, Interrupted Beta Test!

It's Go Time! The REALLY BIG idea that has kept me up at night for 2 years is finally ready for beta testing. RUNNER, Interrupted is a...

Code Word: Health

This podcast recaps all of the problematic themes in Brittany Runs a Marathon we could NOT ignore.

Amy Schools Us on Fatphobia

Brittany Runs a Marathon is Problematic AF, and Amy breaks down the trailer for us.

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