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MK Fleming is a run coach who understands we are never really talking about running. Here in the blog, she talks about where diet culture and running intersect and the pressures we face as parents, professionals, runners, and overachievers as we run through life, together.

9/12/19: That Isn't Funny

A sense of humor is an essential survival skill. But sometimes, jokes aren't funny they are just mean.

The Privilege of Running by Feel.

There's a LOT of privilege baked into the 'running by feel' concept. Thin privilege, fit privilege, we break it ALL down in this podcast.

7/22/19: Act Your Age

Coach MK leans all the way into her ferocity to offer up an (extra-profane) mantra for an adult who has been told to act their age.

7/21/19: Nuzzel Outtakes

We love a good comeback story. Examining imbalances in pay, support and pressure? Not so much. That's where I come in.

Three Days at the Fair #3DATF

I don’t think you can overestimate the cultural impact of Courtney Love, and how much she shaped a generation's relationship to ambition.

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